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SMP pays homage to Sheikh Kamal with flowers

Sylhet Bureau : Sylhet Metropolitan Police Commissioner Mohammad paid homage on the occasion of the 72nd birth anniversary of the heroic freedom fighter Shahid Captain Sheikh Kamal. Nisharul Arif. He read more

Fake recall in Jaintapur police station ignoring the court order!

File image. Staff Reporter, Sylhet: Hon’ble Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court, Sylhet, a

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Shops opened in risky buildings in Sylhet, raids and fines

File image. Sylhet Representative: After two days of earthquakes in Sylhet last

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The annual performance agreement of the police in Sylhet has been signed

Photo-collected. Staff Reporter, Sylhet: The signing ceremony of the Annual Performance Agreement

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Jaintapur auction of Indian goods: ‘Circle Sir knows everything’ SI Shahedul!

SI Kazi Shahedul, photo-collected. Sylhet Representative : The confiscated Indian goods worth

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Jaintapur case FIR worth twenty thousand rupees!

Symbolic image. Sylhet Representative : The value of the case FIR in

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Sylhet wife’s extramarital affairs lawyer!

Photo-collected. Sylhet Bureau : Police have arrested his wife Shipa Begum in

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SI Shahedul’s run in Jaintapur police station, trade is going on in the name of auction!

                                                 Photo-collected. Sylhet Representative : Ramarama trade is going on with auction

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2 arrested with yaba and liquor in Jaintapur, CNG seized

Sylhet Correspondent: Amphetamine was brought from India in front of Sarukhel West

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Pansi and Panchbhai restau rants were fined Rs 60,000

Sylhet Bureau: Various restrictions announced by the government are going on all

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Earthquake in Sylhet: the origin of Jainta

Arun Sarkar, Bureau Chief Sylhet: The earthquake was felt in Sylhet. The

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