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Fake female doctor at Moon General Hospital in Habiganj, fined

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj / Private hospitals and diagnostic centers have sprung up in different parts of Habiganj. And most of these do not have a license. Some people do not read more

Another 10 lakh vaccines came to the country from China

Online Desk : Another 10 lakh synopharma vaccines have arrived in the

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‘Hospitals are no longer able to accommodate patients due to increased infection in the country’

File image. Special Correspondent : Noting that the situation in Corona is

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Distribution of ‘Respirometer’ among the traffic police in Sylhet

Photo-collected. Sylhet Bureau :   ‘Exercise Respirometer’ has been distributed among the

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Corona: Contractor Sirajul died in Habiganj

File image. Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj : Sirajul Islam, 70, a resident of

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In a festive atmosphere in Boalkhali 42 percent corona vaccine on the first day

Sayed Mohammed Nazrul Islam, Boalkhali Correspondent : Corona’s mass immunization program has

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People are returning to Dhaka with health risks

Thakurgaon Representative : The people of Thakurgaon are returning to Dhaka with

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The age limit for corona vaccination is 25 years

File image. Dhaka : The government has set a minimum age of

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Bangladesh’s remedies are being smuggled to Mexico through the United States

File image. Online Desk: The ‘unauthorized or generic’ version of the widely

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Three people died of heatstroke in Habiganj

File image. Staff Reporter, Habiganj: Three people have died of heatstroke in

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Habiganj clinic and nurse malpractice “maternity” woman dies!

Dead-Taslima Akhter, photo. Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj: A “maternity” woman has been found

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