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Fear of conflict in Chikondandi Union Parishad Elections of CTG

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Update : Friday, April 26, 2024

Supporters of two chairman candidates are already involved in conflict around this election. This incident took place in Laliarhat Mazhirpara area last Thursday afternoon. Intelligence reports suggest that the situation could turn more violent on polling day.

The election of Chikondandi Union Parishad of Hathazari Upazila in Chittagong is being held on 12 November (Sunday).

A total of 10 candidates are competing for the post of chairman in this union, but three candidates can be in the main fight. They are Zahurul Alam of Chashma Symbol, Nurul Afsar of Two Leaf Symbol and Haji Nezam Uddin Tani of Rajnigandha Symbol.

According to intelligence sources, 9 out of 10 candidates are residents of Central and South Chikondandi area. The only candidate from North Chikondandi area is Haji Md. of Dhol Pratik. Helal. A local influential leader of the government party is working to win her in Fatiabad, Rhamarkul and Nehalpur areas. A UP member from the same area is working on behalf of Nurul Afsar of two leaf symbols. These two parties are now facing each other around the election campaign. On the day of polling, clashes-violence could take place between these two parties at Fatiabad Adarsh High School, Mahakali Girls High School polling stations. On the other hand, the intelligence sources have hinted that there may be disturbance in Khandakia Chamdia School Polling Station.

However, Hathajari Upazila Nirbahi Officer ABM Moshiuzzaman told Desh Panwaran in response to a question that the administration has taken all kinds of steps to complete the election smoothly. No one will be allowed to mess up.

In this regard, Upazila Election Officer Orantu Chakma Haji Nezam Uddin admitted to receiving written complaints from seven candidates and said, “I cannot comment on whether there is a risk of conflict or violence on the day of polling.” But we want a beautiful, free and fair election. Candidates have complained against each other.

It is known that a total of 10 people are contesting for the post of chairman of Chikondandi Union Parishad. Five of them are supported by Awami League. Of the remaining five, two are Jatiya Party, two are supported by BNP and one is independent.

Incidentally, the chairman of this union Hasan Zaman Bachchu died of illness on January 27. Later on March 11, the by-election schedule was announced in this union. Total voters in the union are 39 thousand 896 people.

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