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PBI arrested the Beef salesman who embezzled 1.5 million Tk

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Update : Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Embezzled money of new entrepreneurs of chattogram who sales Beef at low price.

in this incident Shahjahan (40) was arrested by the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI). Although he had hidden himself in Dhaka.

Superintendent of Police Nazmul Hasan of PBI (PPM Service) Chittagong district confirmed this to the media on Sunday (April 2). Earlier on Monday (April 1), he was arrested from a Bajaj showroom in Uttara, capital of Dhaka.

It is known that two young entrepreneurs of Balu Chara place in Chittagong city took the initiative to supply beef at a low price to the middle class and low class public. Initially took the initiative to sell beef at 650 to 695 taka. According to them some number of entrepreneurs in this sector is 10-15 people.

According to the source of the complaint, they were supplying meat from the accused Md. Shahjahan and selling beef at an affordable price. But the problem happened on March 10, the day before fasting, the accused disappeared with one crore 40 lakh TK from these 10-15 new entrepreneurs and 50-60 meat sellers and cow farmers. These small traders and entrepreneurs are disoriented as their business money is wasted like this. As a result, many of them stopped selling meat. The day after the embezzlement, the owners of the meat market, Rafiul Hasnat and Sajjadur Rahman Shakib, filed a complaint with the police station against of the accused.

In this regard, the investigating officer of the case and the SI of Chittagong PBI Md. Shahadat Hossain told Morning Glory correspondent that the accused Shahajahan embezzled about one and a half million Tk, after that he bought a motorcycle for himself. He also confessed that he used some of this money to do his housework and pay off some debts. Officer said that effective legal action is being taken against the accused, later he will be remanded through the court and will take necessary steps to recover the money.

On the other hand accused said to the press he also trapped by the cow businessman (khamari), he did not able to bought cow  by due from their, in this reason he did not supply the beef to little Businessman who gave the money to him, that time he did not know what to do. But victims are said “he just told a telling story,  It’s not true”

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