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The tea workers blocked the road by tying bamboo to demand wages

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Update : Wednesday, August 24, 2022


The tea workers are continuing their agitation for the demand of Rs 300 wages by blocking roads, railways and holding regular processions in the gardens.

On the twelfth day of the agitation on Wednesday, the workers of 10 tea gardens blocked the Dhaka Moulvibazar regional road in Satgaon Lachna area of ​​Srimangal upazila at 3 pm and started marching. Meanwhile, they blocked the road with slogans like Sheikh Hasina’s government needs Rs 300 wages, Sheikh Hasina’s government is our mother, Sheikh Hasina’s government is needed again and again.

Meanwhile, due to the closure of the road by the tea workers for their wage demands, heavy traffic jams were created on the roads. Passengers suffer a lot in summer due to traffic jams. Tea workers blocked the Sylhet-bound Paharia Express train near Kulaura railway station on Tuesday. After one and a half hours, they lifted the blockade from the railway and road with the intervention of local public representatives and administration.

On Wednesday morning, after visiting the gardens, the workers of the Bhurbhuriya tea plantations are sitting in the Natmandir after stopping work. The workers of Kharyanura, Kakiachhara, Kalighat, Phulchhara, Khejurichhara, Balishira tea gardens also did not join the work. Meanwhile, the workers of Mirzapur, Boulachra tea plantations came in procession and gathered at Lachna Choumuhna. The workers held a protest rally with the workers of 8 to 10 other tea gardens around here.

Moulvibazar Deputy Commissioner Mir Nahid Ahsan and Superintendent of Police Mohammad Zakaria conveyed the Prime Minister’s message to Bagan on Tuesday to return the agitating workers to work. They went to the upazila’s Kharanura, Zerin, Kalighat and Phulchhra tea gardens and spoke to the workers. He was asking the workers to join the work by trusting the Prime Minister. According to them, on that day, the workers of Khayuraura and Jerin tea gardens joined the work, but today, like the other gardens of the upazila, the workers of these two gardens have also stopped working.

Earlier, the District Commissioner held a meeting with the leaders of the Bangladesh Tea Workers Union at Moulvibazar District Commissioner’s office last Sunday night to implement the Prime Minister’s directive to resolve the labor unrest in the country’s tea plantations. In that meeting under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Mir Nahid Ahsan, the tea workers leaders agreed to call off the strike and join the work, keeping the previous wages of Tk 120, on the condition that tea workers leaders will join the Prime Minister in a video conference before the upcoming Durga Puja. District administration and labor leaders signed a joint statement in this regard. The statement also said that the workers will submit their other demands in writing to the District Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioner will send their claims to the Prime Minister’s Office. Besides, the wages of the workers during the strike will be paid by the garden owners according to the customary practice of the garden. But this decision was also rejected by ordinary workers and student youth. Mohan Ravi Das, a student and youth leader of tea workers, said that we will continue the agitation until the wage demand of 300 rupees is not met. No matter how many threats, threats or conspiracies are made, we will not leave the movement ground.

Khairun Akhtar, President of Bangladesh Cha Kanya Nari Sangthan said, We had a meeting with Panchayat presidents and students of 23 gardens in Laskarpur Valley. In that meeting, it was decided to continue the movement until the wage of 300 taka is not collected. Kalighat Tea Plantation Panchayat Committee President Aban Tanti said that not only Kalighat Tea Plantation, but all tea plantations in Balishira Valley have stopped working. It should be noted that the tea workers started this movement from August 13.

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