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My husband struck ADC Harun first: ADC Sanjida

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Update : Wednesday, September 13, 2023

DMP Additional Commissioner and DB chief Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid said APS Azizul Haque Mamun had attacked the suspended ADC at the Birdem General HospitalPresident Shahabuddin’s Assistant Private Secretary (APS) Azizul Haque Mamun was the first to put his hands on Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Harun Or Rashid, Mamun’s wife ADC Sanjida Afrin said today.Supporting a statement made earlier by the DMP Additional Commissioner and DB chief Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid, Sanjida told The Business Standard, “I was there at the Birdem General Hospital when my husband [APS Mamun] attacked ADC Harun.”

“I had gone there to visit a cardiac specialist. I requested ADC Harun Sir to help me get a serial as my regular doctor was on leave. He could manage, so later, I went to Birdem.

“When I went for an Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT), I heard a sudden commotion outside,” said Sanjida, who is the Additional Deputy Commissioner of the DMP’s Crime Division, as well as the 33rd BCS officer.

“I found my husband and some other BCL men beating Harun Sir and the BCL men were trying to snap some photos and videos of me while I was wearing my ETT outfit.

“My husband [APS Mamun] even slapped me and shouted at me,” Sanjida said.

“Later, the Shahbagh police came to the scene and rescued Harun Sir. The police then took everyone to the station,” she added.

Sanjida said she was yet to give her version of the event to the DMP probe committee.

The Business Standard (TBS) could not independently verify the allegations brought against APS Mamun by his wife Sanjida and DB Chief Harun.

Earlier, DMP Additional Commissioner and DB chief Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid said APS Azizul Haque Mamun had attacked the suspended ADC inside the Birdem General Hospital.

The incident of torturing leaders of the Bangladesh Chhatra League initiated there, he added.

DMP Additional Commissioner Mohammad Haroon said, “He [APS Mamun] is a government official. He was the one who made the first attack on the police. He could have informed the higher authorities of the police if he wished. Or he could inform his superiors.

“But instead, he chased a police officer in front of sick people inside the hospital. Broke his [ADC Harun] glasses, hit him. I don’t know if he has done the right thing or not, but this should be investigated.”

The DB chief said, “The whole police force never takes responsibility for individual personnel’s actions. I think the investigating officer will independently investigate the incident and give a report.

A three-member inquiry committee is investigating properly and impartially. The investigation report will be issued soon. Then we will know the real facts.”

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday suspended ADC Harun-or-Rashid on public interest grounds. The decision was made just a day after he had been transferred to the Armed Police Battalion (APBn) in Khagrachari following allegations of assaulting two central leaders of the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL).

On Saturday, ADC Harun reportedly took BCL Central Organising Secretary Anowar Hossain Nayeem and BCL Science Affairs Secretary Sharif Ahmed Munim to Shahbagh police station following an argument with them at the Birdem Hospital and assaulted them.

The incident caused anger among BCL leaders and many posted on social media criticising Harun and demanded action.

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