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Farmers are afraid of reoccupation of the recovered canal in Kalapara

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Update : Sunday, October 30, 2022

SK Ranjan, Kalapara/Patuakhali/Representative/

Local farmers are afraid of reoccupation of the canal that was saved by the intervention of the administration in Kalapara of Patuakhali. Pakhimara closure canal is an important source of livelihood for most of the people of Nilganj union of the upazila. Many fishermen live by fishing in this canal. Water is used from the irrigation of the farmer’s land to the kitchen of the housewives. A self-interested kuchkri mahal has set its sights on that canal. They are trying to protect their interests by taking the lease of the canal as uncultivated. They have already tried to block the canal with nets in two places. But many believe that even after the intervention of the local administration, the net has been removed, the attempt to re-occupy the area continues. Locals demanded that the canal should be fully decommissioned and opened for public use with a signboard.

It is known on the ground that the Pakhimara closure canal of Nilganj union of the upazila has been used as an important source of livelihood for the common people for many years. The canal extends from the zero point of East Sonatala and Kumirmara Bandhghat to Nabipur Dakua Bari. Its length is about 8.5 km and width is 500 feet on average. About 18 thousand people live in 19 villages on both sides of the canal. The union area of ​​42 square miles has 4100 hectares of arable land out of a total area of ​​6633 hectares.

About ninety percent of the people of this union are fishermen and farmers. The agricultural and vegetable products produced in Nilganj Union are satisfying the needs of the locals and meeting the needs of the surrounding areas. Farmers here have won the praise of many by producing various types of vegetables using modern methods. And an important supporter of these farmers is Pakhimara closure canal. As canal water is within reach, they can easily use it for irrigation. The canal has been playing an important role as the only means of communication to market these agricultural products. There are many fishermen who can only manage one net. They have been making a living by catching fish from the canal. However, a local Ku-Chakri Mahal rose up to block this canal. They are trying to take possession of the canal by showing it as uncultivated. The Mahal took 47 acres of the canal and blocked the entire canal with nets on both ends. The administration came and removed the net by tying the local people.

Local farmers Zakir Hossain (Lungi Zakir), Sobahan Khandkar and Md. Anwar Sikder said, I use the water of the canal for agriculture. Many earn their living by fishing. So we seek the attention of the appropriate authorities to keep our livelihood channel open for the use of all.

Nilganj Union Parishad Chairman. Babul Mia said that all the canals leased in that union, including Pakhimara closure canal, should be cancelled. It benefits everyone including local farmers and fishermen.

Kalapara upazila executive officer Shankar Chandra Baidya said, there is no opportunity to block the government canal. Very soon the canal will be opened for public use after deeding 47 acres to them.

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