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Questions of the relatives about the role of the police in the murder of Nazim in Kanighat?

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Update : Saturday, September 24, 2022

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Relatives are worried about the proper investigation into the mysterious role of the police in the murder case of Nazim of Kanighat, Sylhet. They believe that due to the closeness of the OC of Kanighat police station with the accused, the main planner and the attacker will be freed from the case during the investigation. In such a situation, they demand that the case be transferred from Kanighat to the Police Bureau of Investigation or any other agency.

The relatives of the deceased Nazim made this demand in a press conference organized at Sylhet District Press Club on Saturday (September 24).

Tahir Ali, uncle of the deceased nazim, a resident of Barapatan village of Kanighat upazila, gave a written speech at the press conference. In his written statement, he said that Abdus Shukur of the same village got angry with Nazim Uddin, the tractor driver, for not plowing with a tractor in Barachatal village on the morning of August 29. He threatened that he would not be able to plow someone else’s land. The next day Shukur got into an argument with Nazim on the same issue. At that time, there was a fight between the two people. At that time Abdus Shukur’s relative, the influential Aftab Uddin, went there. He went to the spot and took Abdus Shukur to his house and Nazir Ahmad came to his house. On this day at noon, Shukur’s side Rubel told one of our relatives, send Nazir out, I will cut off his leg. Hearing this news, Nazim’s father was attacked under the leadership of Aftab and Abdus Shukur while coming home from another village to save Nazim. When the Nazim came out of the house after hearing the news, he was hacked to death. Later he was admitted to Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital with serious injuries. He died that night while undergoing treatment.

In the press conference, Nazim’s uncle Tahir Ali said that on September 1, Nazim’s father filed a case against Abdus Shukur, Delwar Hossain, Aftab Uddin, Rubel Ahmad, Abdul Gafur, Helal Ahmad, Dilal Ahmad, Bilal Ahmad at Kanighat police station. After filing the case, the police conducted a raid and arrested Aftab Uddin and Abdus Shukur. Abdus Shuku, who was arrested during the initial interrogation of the police, confessed his responsibility for the murder. Later, he gave a confessional statement in the court. But Aftab Uddin did not give any confession. He is currently in jail.
He also said that on September 12, the locals arrested Rubel, the accused number four in the case, from Khasera area of ​​Kaliganj, Jokiganj. At that time Kanighat police station was called but they did not come to pick up the accused. After calling the emergency service 999, the police went and arrested Rubel the next day.

Tahir Ali also said that 4 out of 8 accused in the case have been arrested. The other accused are yet to be arrested. Aftab Uddin, an influential person in the area, is the mastermind of the incident. Nazim was killed by planning and attacking basically from his house. Aftar is a well-known Yaba businessman from the area. He is one of the kingpins of cattle and drug smuggling in the border area. Members of his force are trying to steer the incident in different directions. They continue to terrorize the area. He says – I have done one murder, I will do more. We reported the matter to the police but we are not getting any remedy. There are fears that Aftab, who is in jail, may attack again if he gets bail.

He said that the OC Tajul Islam of Kanighat police station is with smuggler Aftab and his gang. Sharers of smuggling money get OCO. OC’s relationship with Aftab since joining Kanaighat. As a result, the absconding accused will not be arrested if the Kanighat Police investigates the case. There will not even be a proper investigation of the case. Aftab Uddin, the main planner and attacker of the incident, may be freed from the case during the investigation. He demanded to arrest all the accused and transfer the case to PBI or any other agency for proper investigation and justice.

The deceased Nazim’s father Lutfur Rahman, uncle Kabir Ahmad and cousin Fazlur Rahman were present at the press conference.

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