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Two brothers of Tahirpur are accused of earning crores of rupees illegally

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Update : Thursday, August 25, 2022

Returning from Tahirpur, Sunamganj representative/

Badaghat Union Chairman Nizam Uddin and his brother Salim Ahmed of Sunamganj’s Tahirpur Upazila have been accused of earning crores of rupees illegally. Apart from this, he has also built over hundred acres of land in the name of his children, sister, sister-in-law and nephew. Within a short time they became owners of luxury houses, cars and ancillary properties. There is enough doubt whether they can tell themselves how many crores of rupees they own. Besides, there are many allegations against them of evading crores of government revenue by pointing the thumb at the local administration.

According to the locals on the ground, a group of these two influential people are illegally extracting sand and stones from the Jadukata river at night by evading billions of government revenue. They have a large syndicate of terrorists. No one is willing to speak or protest against them for fear of conspiracy-attack cases, abductions. Even media workers are scared. This group that suddenly became a banana tree with swollen fingers is now the king of terror. Surprisingly, it is true that another of their brothers, Oliur Rahman Bappi, was the former youth party president of Badaghat Union. Earlier, his father Amin Uddin was also a murder accused. He led four murders. The judge sentenced him to life imprisonment in these cases.

Meanwhile, several victims, who did not wish to be named, told the reporter that approximately two hundred barges, bulkheads and cargo loaded with sand and stones travel to different parts of Bangladesh every day. These rogue forces are collecting 10-12 thousand rupees from each loaded boat. At the end of the day, after calculating the list of collection of subscriptions, 10-12 lakh rupees were found. However, those who refuse to pay the subscription face the threat of assault, torture and kidnapping. In this way Paharsam Sahay property has been built illegally. Many victims have filed a complaint with the local administration seeking redressal, but for mysterious reasons, it remains on the table. However, a related source confirmed that a written complaint has already been filed with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman against their misdeeds and illegal money-making. According to the source, a thorough investigation will reveal the bag cat.

On the other hand, Salim Ahmed is currently in Sunamganj District Jail on charges of extortion and kidnapping. Tahirpur police station case no-07/117 Eng. whose GR-117/2022 Eng-. In this case, Tahirpur police station has also managed to recover evidence of kidnapping. Besides, the investigating officer of the case, SI Jahangir Hossain, sought a 10-day remand in the court to remand the accused and commit him to Jinjasabad.

To know about this, Badaghat Union Chairman Nizam Uddin of Tahirpur Upazila was contacted on the phone, he said, Salim Ahmed is my younger brother. A false case has been framed to discredit him. He said that my father was also a businessman. We also earn in the right way, there is no question of extortion and kidnapping. He said, my brother and I have been managing the business by collecting government revenue properly. A rival political group is plotting to harass us. If the law enforcement agency investigates the truth of these incidents, the truth will come out. However, he said that he was not aware of the complaint of the ACC.

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