August 6, 2021, 12:53 am

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Easter Sunday is Celebrated in Kumarkhali

Bureau Chief: One of the major religious festivals of the Christian community, Holy Easter Sunday, was celebrated on Sunday with due religious dignity.  A special Christian meeting or prayer meeting has been held in all the churches of the country on the occasion of Easter, the glorious resurrection festival of the Lord Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity.

The celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ begins on Saturday night. Like other countries in the world, the Christians of Bangladesh also started celebrating the day in the middle of the night with due dignity.

A special prayer was held at the Children of Light Church in Malliat village of Sadaki union in Kushtia Kumarkhali at sunrise on Sunday. People from the Christian community took part in it. In addition to prayers, the Bible is read to Jesus Christ.

The morning worship got off to a good start with the performance of the song ‘Eso Sebe Gahi Vijay Gaan’. Reverend Zaker ALi Shuva, Pastor of the Children of Light Church, attended the service.

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