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The Prime Minister’s visit to the United Nations is an honor for us

Maherabbin Sunvi: Our Hon’ble Prime Minister Deshratna Sheikh Hasina once again brought honor to the country. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has lauded Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her remarkable read more

Why attack religious institu- tions or ignorant children?

Arun Sarkar: Photo-collected.It is not the wish of any civilized nation to

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My mother’s smile

Zaker ALi Shuva: It all started with the Greek myth. Various prayers

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Why should we emphasize English in this competitive world ?

Md. Al Amin : We should emphasize English because it is not

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Conflict in ‘Alem Alem’ is a state of war!

Arun Sarkar: Critical discussions are going on in the country about the

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Bangabandhu’s portrait ‘Shasyachitre Bangabandhu’ on Guinness book!

Lt Commander A M Abdullah (Retd): Father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh

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Autism: A Story of Awareness

Rifat Zafreen Autism is a spectrum disorder but in most cases it

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Facebook Addiction: Growing Loneliness-Depression

Sinthiya Sumi Which is the most popular social media in the world

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Thoughts of young people are also expected in the new year 2021

Sinthiya Sumi: The year 2020 is leaving. As one welcomes this year,

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Where is the balance of digital security law?

Arun Sarkar: In a democracy, digital security information technology laws are having

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Suicide is not the solution to live for yourself

Sinthiya Sumi: Suicide is a great sin, suicide has been discouraged in

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