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Journalist Arun Sarkar is a brand name

Junaid Ahmad Chowdhury // Journalist Arun Sarkar is a brand name. Even after one conspiratorial false case after another, the fearless object is sending news which is unprecedented. Nowadays, investigative read more

Autism: A Story of Awareness

Rifat Zafreen Autism is a spectrum disorder but in most cases it

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Facebook Addiction: Growing Loneliness-Depression

Sinthiya Sumi Which is the most popular social media in the world

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Thoughts of young people are also expected in the new year 2021

Sinthiya Sumi: The year 2020 is leaving. As one welcomes this year,

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Where is the balance of digital security law?

Arun Sarkar: In a democracy, digital security information technology laws are having

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Suicide is not the solution to live for yourself

Sinthiya Sumi: Suicide is a great sin, suicide has been discouraged in

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Winter morning on a studentless campus

Sinthiya Sumi: Dew-drenched grass in the morning. The line of fog is

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It is necessary to pay more attention to private educational institutions

Arun Sarkar: It is imperative to increase the number of private educational

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