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Lesson Response: Escape of Conquest

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Update : Tuesday, October 31, 2023

In Bengali literature, the short story was perfected by Rabindranath Tagore. He wrote the poem ‘Barshajapan’ to explain what a short story should be and how it should be. Basically, this theory of Kabiguru is the main secret and composition of short stories. In writing a short story, the phrase ‘the end is not the end’ is important. Storyteller Sajid Rahman’s book ‘Escape of Conquest’. In the story of this book, various characters of fishermen, workers, farmers, students, teenagers, young people and old people of this region have emerged. The characters are familiar to us. The first story of the book is ‘the rush to return to the destination’. In this story, he has highlighted the life of the river-centered people who are mixed with the soil…. street culture and the landscape of a discriminatory society. The main character is an old fisherman living around the river ‘Damudia’. In the narration of the story, the author has highlighted the poor condition of life with road culture. He wrote, ‘Like a boat swaying to the rhythm of a big wave in the river, our white car also sways like an ups and downs.’ In the Cheetah story, the storyteller has used the language of Rangpur region which is a different addition to the book. This story is another life-scenario of a river-centered survivor. The author’s third story ‘Jal Vichuti Jhapta’. Although the main theme of this story is love, the identity of the hyena who wants to eat the blood and flesh of the society has been revealed to a large extent. The other stories are Ghrana, Maurya, Shuvo Mahrat, Bati Chalan, Bismir Bhalobha and Dussamer Kakera, Rain When It’s Called, Bijit’s Escape Vidya, Neyamul Rajinikanth and Bhandi Sharafat’s story. According to Sajid Rahman, the arrival of people in Dharani gave birth to a new story. From birth, the newborn child also grows up through the mother’s story of Khonsuti. People’s lives move forward in small daily stories. And that story of life continues till the last breath. In this way, thousands of story elements have floated in the ether since time immemorial.

Advocate Selina Khatun

Rangpur Judge Court.

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