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Actress Parimani arrested

Dhaka : Finally, the much talked about actress Parimani has also been arrested. He was detained during a four-hour operation on Wednesday. The operation started around 4 pm. He was read more

Land disputes in Ashulia; The locals panicked

Savar Correspondent: There was a shootout between the two sides over a

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Testimony against 9 accused including Sabrina was taken on July 4

File image. Court Reporter: Dr. Corona was accused of giving fake certificates.

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With this, Sagar-Runi murder report was submitted 80 times

File image. Court Reporter: The court has postponed the date of submission

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Annual exchange meeting of Savar Upazila Ansar VDP

Asaduzzaman Khairul Savar (Dhaka): Annual exchange meeting of Savar Upazila Ansar VDP

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6 pieces to Moyna Mia of Sylhet: Tragic statement of wife Fatima

Photo-collected. Dhaka: Fatema Khatun, the first wife of the deceased, has given

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The packed body of an unidentified youth was recovered from an eggplant field in Ashulia

Asaduzzaman Khairul Savar (Dhaka): Ashulia police have recovered the body of an

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Prayers and milad mahfil in memory of late Masudur Rahman, President of Dhaka Press Club

Symbolic image. Dhaka: A prayer and milad mahfil discussion meeting was held

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The Prime Minister is taking the country forward — Minister Ghazi

 Md. Rashedul Islam, Rupganj (Narayanganj): Textile and Jute Minister Golam Dastagir Ghazi

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Gas blast in Ashulia injures 6 including children

Asaduzzaman Khairul Savar (Dhaka): A gas explosion took place at Humayun Kabir’s

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Body wrapped in blanket recovered from Ashulia: Detention-1

Asaduzzaman khairul, Savar (Dhaka): Ashulia police recovered the body of a child

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