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Corruption of Chittagong BRTA office: China brand cars are running in the name of Indian brand 

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Update : Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Despite the evidence of corruption found in the ACC operation, but main Culprit   are out of touch.

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Allegations have been made against the official of BRTA office in Chittagong for driving the cars manufactured by Chinese companies in the name of various Indian companies. Basically, this syndicate is said to have been formed by some dishonest officials and brokers. President of Chittagong Human Hauler Road Transport Workers’ Union has written a complaint to BRTC President and Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) Commissioner and Member Secretary and Director of BRTA Chittagong Division for canceling the documents of these vehicles issued by illegal means. Shahalam.
Md confirmed the complaint to the media. Shahalom said, with the connivance of some dishonest officials of Chittagong BRTA metro circle, they are putting the car owners in danger by making illegal transactions worth several crores of rupees through a broker circle. As a result of this, on the one hand, the original document of the car is changing and on the other hand, chaos is increasing on the road.

About 500 autotempos imported from China in Chittagong city were registered from Chittagong BRTA from 2010 to 2017. Due to poor manufacturing of vehicles, the authorities stopped the route permits of vehicles on several important roads. During this time, human haulers and mini buses are serving the passengers on the roads.

Recently, the number of three wheeler autotempo vehicles on important roads is increasing day by day. Looking for the reason for the increase in the number of three-wheelers, it was found that over the years, the dishonest officials of Chittagong BRTA, through a number of brokers, have converted about three hundred autotempo three-wheelers imported from China into the brands of Bajaj, Tuk Tuk and Piaggio India. Also the three-wheelers imported from China have changed everything except the chassis number code. It is known that bribes of 80 thousand to 1 lakh taka have been taken for each car. Even after such corruption, the cycle does not stop. However, ACC recently found evidence of corruption in the Chittagong BRTA office during the ACC operation. Meanwhile, 3 officers and 4 brokers of BRTA have been arrested red-handed due to evidence of involvement in irregularities and corruption. However, the ACC did not reveal the names of those arrested due to mysterious reasons. The operation was conducted under the leadership of Enamul Haque, Assistant Director of ACC Chittagong District Office-1 last Thursday (February 15) at noon.

ACC officer Enamul Haque confirmed the matter and said that the operation was conducted in the afternoon in view of complaints of customer harassment and violence by brokers for providing various services at the BRTA Chittagong office. At the beginning of the operation, the enforcement team disguised themselves as customers and found the presence of brokers. At that time, the ACC team arrested four brokers and three employees of BRTA. There is evidence of unusual financial transactions with them directly with various service recipients.

He also said that the arrested 4 brokers have been handed over to the police. Legal or departmental action will be taken against BRTA office employees. The enforcement team will verify the records collected during the operation and submit a full report to the commission. According to the search, those who have been arrested in the operation are mainly brokers and small officials. The masterminds of the irregularities remain elusive. While welcoming the operation of the ACC, many are expressing doubt whether the mafia corruptors will get away with not catching the masterminds of the crime. Several people involved spoke on condition of anonymity about the outrage. Talking to the concerned people, it is known that a corrupt mafia gang has been running rampant in the Chittagong BRTA office for a long time. In exchange of money, the authorities are not taking any action regarding these irregularities even though day is made into night and night is made into day.

The wooden body is giving the fitness to fit the two stroke car number to the four stroke CNG. There are even cases where cars manufactured by one country are being branded as another country’s brand in Chittagong BRTA office.There are allegations of extorting bribes of Tk 5 to 7 lakh for scrapping expired auto-rickshaws. Incidents like beating the car owner for not paying money and taking a signature on a white paper have also happened in the Chittagong BRTA office. Under the guise of replacement, registration of additional vehicles was given in exchange of huge sum of money in violation of “Autorickshaw Service Policy 2007”. For talking about these issues, Chittagong Auto-rickshaw Autotempu Sramik League General Secretary Nazrul Islam Khokon was implicated in several false cases and allegations were made against some dishonest officials and broker syndicates of BRTA. However, on February 7, a labor leader named Nazrul Islam Khokon filed a written complaint with the Secretary of the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

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