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Nurul Islam seeks nomination from Awami League in Atpara Kendua

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Update : Saturday, September 30, 2023

Munayem Khan, Netrakona

Former 5-time Kendua Upazila Awami League President and Upazila Parishad Chairman freedom fighter Md. Nurul Islam is hoping to be nominated as a Member of Parliament from Atpara Kendua Constituency in the upcoming 12th National Parliament Elections.
He participated in all anti-Ayub movements in 1966 and played an active role in creating public opinion on Bangabandhu’s 6 point declaration. After Bangabandhu’s arrest, he helped collect money by selling coupons to handle the case. Later, in 1971, he fell into the great freedom fighter.
Kendua organized the party as the upazila Awami League president. The previous Jamaat was a victim of false and conspiratorial attack cases during the BNP government. Even then, the party did not give up.
He is a registered lyricist of Bangladesh Betar. During the past corona epidemic, Garib Ashay has delivered various food items and cash to the homes of poor people with his own funding.
Kendua Atpara has been working for the party since joining Awami League politics. Due to various reasons, the activists do not have much support for the current MP. Therefore, if Md. Nurul Islam gets a boat, new surprises can come in this seat, party leaders and supporters think.

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