September 21, 2023, 9:42 pm
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Police Inspector Md.Nurul Abchar awarded for best traffic officer in Bandarban

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Update : Monday, January 16, 2023

Lutfur Rahman (Uzzal)

In recognition of good work,Inspector of Police (City and Vehicles) Md.Nurul Abchar was selected as the best traffic officer.It is known that he was selected as the best traffic officer in recognition of his dynamic activities in the month of December.A memorial was given by the district police to Md.Nurul Abchar,A smart police officer who worked to ensure the order of transport at the field level in Bandarban district city.In addition,he received a special cash prize money as a reward.

Superintendent of Police Bandarban, Md.Tariqul Islam,PPM On behalf of Bandarban District Police Presented a memento and cash Money to Inspector Md.Nurul Abchar at the monthly welfare meeting of the district police on Sunday (January 15).The welfare meeting was held at Police Lines Auditorium.The meeting was presided over by Superintendent of Police of Bandarban Md.Tariqul Islam,PPM.Senior officials of the district police and policemen were present at the time.

Inspector of Police Md.Nurul Abchar expressed his gratitude to Superintendent of Police Md.Tariqul Islam,PPM on receiving the award.He feels that it is an honor to receive an award in recognition of good work.It increases the work speed.At this time,he thanked the officers and colleagues of all levels of the traffic police.At this time,he wished for everyone’s cooperation.

It is to be noted that Inspector of Police (Traffic) Md.Nurul Abchar was actively involved in restoring order to the road in a tourist town like Bandarban immediately after taking charge.Also,he successfully implemented various awareness programs in coordination with all a Uthorities including transport owners,workers to prevent road accidents.He has taken the lead in filing fines and cases against the drivers of various vehicles including motorcycles for violating traffic laws,high speed,lack of fitness,not using helmets,illegal parking and other charges.

It is known that Superintendent of Police Md.Tariqul Islam,Under the Overall direction,Police Officer (Traffic) Md.Nurul Abchar has been at the center of discussion in the district headquarters for the Last Few days by performing strict duties in several operations on the road.

However,Conscious citizens living in Bandarban district city commented that the role of this police officer is commendable.
They think that One road accident is the cry of a lifetime.There is no alternative to such an operation to ensure order on the roads of the tourist city of Bandarban.Bandarban Traffic Police should continue such activities.Besides,The conscious society living in Bandarban city has demanded to strictly regulate the use of motorcycles and easybikes (TomTom) in the district town.

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