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Jhum Tax Collection Festival ‘Alungja: Poye’ in Bandarban

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Update : Thursday, December 29, 2022

Lutfur Rahman (Uzzal): Jhum tax collection ceremony ‘Alungja: Poye’ is going on in different mauzas of Bandarban.On Thursday (December 29) morning,A Jhum Khajna collection was held in the colorful arrangement of Taracha Mauza Headman number 340 of Rowangchhari Upazila of the district.At this time,6 taka 50 paisa per acre was received from the Jhumias and domestic chicken as a gift.Also,A bottle of liquor made by Paharis and 500 Tk as Nazrana is collected.

The shopkeepers (village heads) bow down and give this rent to the headman.A portion of this tax collected will be handed over to the Circle Chief (King).Taracha Mauza headman Uni Hla Marma,Senior Citizen Of Taracha Mauza Mohammad Abdul Ghafoor, Bandarban Press Club president Aminul Islam Baccu,General secretary Minarul Haque along with Taracha Mauza’s 14 Para Karbaris (neighbourhood heads) and Mouza residents were present On The Occasion.

Uni hla Marma,the headman of Taracha Mauza Said that “basically in Bandarban, Jhum tax is collected at the end of every year.The King of Bomang circle started the Practice of this event from 1875.But in the evolution of time,It is now very much on the way to extinction”.Many headmen (Mauja Pradhan) Formally Or informally collect the Tax and organize colorful events throughout the day.

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