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Voting on boat brands brought freedom: PM

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Update : Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Kishoreganj Correspondent/

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in the meeting of Mithamin in Kishoreganj, if voting by boat, the development of the country and the people will continue. Freedom came with voting on boat brands. The country is developing because of voting by boat. At that time, when he shouted the slogan ‘Nauka Baya De’ in Kishoreganj language, millions of people joined his voice and matched the tune of this slogan. The head of government said that Awami League will develop the country when it comes to power. And BNP-Jamaat went to power and looted.

He also said that Bangabandhu brought freedom to the country. He was killed by his family before he could realize his dream of development. When the Awami League came back to power after 21 years, the country became self-sufficient in food. BNP-Jamaat came to power and started looting. But we came to power through the 2008 elections and in the last 14 years we have developed the country a lot. I gave electricity to every house. People in remote areas are also being given solar power. Giving loans to farmers without collateral. Incentives are being given to them by opening bank accounts at 10 o’clock. He also sought votes in boats in the next national elections.

The Prime Minister said these things in a gathering at Mithamain helipad in Kishoreganj on Tuesday afternoon. The rally was scheduled to start at 3 pm but the Prime Minister came on stage at 2.40 pm. He spoke for 28 minutes.

Sheikh Hasina said, Bangabandhu dreamed that no people would be landless. No one will be homeless. We are housing people for free. Those who have space and no house, will also be given a house. Giving stipend to students. On the first day of January, we are giving free books at primary and secondary levels. Sheikh Russell Computer Lab has been established in the educational institution. Today kids can earn money by outsourcing from home. There are technical training centers in every upazila. Employment opportunities are being created.

He said that President Abdul Hamid wanted to establish a cantonment in Hawar. Then there will be development of Haor. I inaugurated the cantonment in his name today. When I came to Mithamin earlier in 1998, there were no roads. A rickshaw was brought to take me to the assembly point. But the rickshaw could not go either. It was said, “Take it in the rainy season and get it in the dry season”. Today the appearance of Haor has changed. I have passed the flying bridge project from Mithmain to Morichkhali in Karimganj. Now cars will run over it, fish will move under it. He thanked and thanked the people of Howor for making the boat victorious again and again and asked for votes in the upcoming elections. He said, if the boat wins, the trend of development will continue. At this time, millions of people raised their hands and chanted in agreement.

The Prime Minister said that Kishoreganj has a huge contribution in the liberation war. Three presidents have been elected from Kishoreganj. Provisional President Syed Nazrul Islam, late President Zillur Rahman and current President Abdul Hamid during the Liberation War. They have led Bangladesh most of the time.

Sheikh Hasina said, my father has been killed. I lost mother, three brothers, wife of two brothers, only uncle. But could not ask for justice. Now they have been judged and executed. War criminals were tried and the verdict was executed. I have nothing to ask for.

At that time, he recited the words of the poem and said, “I am empty, I have nothing to give, I only have love, so I went.”

In total, the Prime Minister spoke for 28 minutes. After the speech, Rezwan Ahmed Taufiq MP and Mithamin Sadar UP Chairman Sharif Kamal presented a boat to the Prime Minister.

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader, Minister of Road Transport and Bridges, said that Mirza Fakhrul is burning after seeing the development of the country. Their alliance burns. How Sheikh Hasina built the Padma Bridge with their own money, they are burning. Sheikh Hasina cannot be defeated by election. I will burn the hand that gives fire.

At this time, he thanked President Abdul Hamid for leading the country for 10 years. Kader said, the whole country respects him. He is the pride of Haor.

Mithamain Upazila Awami League President President Abdul Hamid’s younger brother Principal Abdul Haque also spoke in the gathering, Awami League’s Dhaka Division Organizing Secretary Mirza Azam MP, Central Office Secretary Biplab Barua, President Abdul Hamid’s son Rezwan Ahmed Taufiq MP, Kishoreganj-1 Constituency MP Dr. Zakia Noor Lipi, Kishoreganj-2 Constituency MP Former IGP Noor Mohammad, Kishoreganj-5 Constituency MP Afzal Hossain, Reserved Constituency MP Zakia Parveen Moni, District Awami League Acting President Zillur Rahman, General Secretary MA Afzal, Ashtagram Rotary College Principal Mujtaba Arif Khan etc. . The meeting was moderated by Mithamin Upazila Awami League Vice President Md. Shah Jahan and General Secretary Sameer Kumar Vaishnab.

Although the main venue had seating arrangements for 800 people, lakhs of people gathered outside. In addition to the leaders and workers in groups from different upazilas, ordinary people came and took a stand at the rally place. The entire area was turned into a mob. A stream of people was flowing towards Mithamain on the waterway. Many people came with long processions wearing specific t-shirts from different areas. Thousands of leaders and activists from plain upazilas of the district including the district headquarter came to Mithamain by boat through Balikhla Ghat of Karimganj. Many of them were accompanied by a band.

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