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This time the price of electricity increased by five percent

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Update : Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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Electricity prices have increased again at the consumer level. This time the price of electricity has increased by five percent.

The electricity department issued a notification announcing the increase in electricity prices on Tuesday night by the executive order of the government.

According to the notification, among residential customers, the electricity price of Lifeline customers using zero to 50 units will be increased from Tk 4 14 paise to Tk 4 35 per unit, the electricity price of users of zero to 75 units will be increased from Tk 4 62 paise to Tk 4 85 paise and 76 to 200 unit users will be increased by Tk 4 85 paise. Increased from 6 taka 31 paisa to 6 taka 63 paisa.

Along with this, users of 201 to 300 units will be increased from 6 taka 62 paisa to 6 taka 95 paisa, for 301 to 400 units will be increased from 6 taka 99 paisa to 7 taka 34 paisa, for 401 to 600 units will be increased from 10 taka 96 paisa to 11 taka 51 paisa and The electricity bill of residential customers using electricity above 600 units has been increased from 12 taka 63 paisa to 13 taka 26 paisa.

Apart from residential customers, all types of electricity prices have increased. Among these, electricity prices for agriculture, religious, charity, hospitals, street lights, water pumps, small industries, industries, commerce, battery charging stations have increased.

Before this, electricity prices were increased twice last January. It came into effect in two parts in January and February. In the latest notification dated January 30, electricity prices were increased by 5 percent at the retail level and 8 percent at the wholesale level.

The government is adjusting the price of electricity every month this year to cope with the pressure of subsidy in the power sector. By increasing today, electricity prices have been increased 12 times at the wholesale level and 13 times at the retail level in the last 14 years.

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