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No choice to continue the progress of development Without Sheikh hasina: Monister Bir Bahadur

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Update : Sunday, October 1, 2023

Lutfur Rahman (Uzzal)
The Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP) commented that Sheikh Hasina has no option to continue the progress of development.Minister questioned and said that before the Awami League government there was no other government in this country,then what did those governments contribute to the development of this hilly district of Bandarban.There was no school in this Rowangchari upazila,now there is a high school and even a college. Who made these.Our children are studying in these educational institutions because of the welfare of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Once there was only one college in the entire Bandarban district, Bandarban Government College.Today thousands of students are studying in 14 colleges in that Bandarban district.Districts like Bandarban have Bandarban University. Apart from our children,outside boys and girls are also studying in this university.The quality of education has improved.We all know what communication system used to be.Today the road is paved.There are big bridges.Going to Thanchi in the morning and returning to Bandarban in the afternoon was never imagined,but today it has become a reality. The unprecedented development of Bandarban today has been confirmed by the welfare of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.The minister said that we are working day and night to implement the development policy of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in hilly Chittagong in every sector including health,Power And agriculture.There is no more day for false voting.People want development.And through this people-friendly development,people’s love should be earned.And to continue this progress in development, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has no choice. The Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP) said these things while speaking as the chief guest at the inauguration of the development work in Rowangchari Upazila and the discussion meeting organized by Lock Awami League.This exchange meeting was held at Battali Para Maitri Buddhist Vihar premises last Friday.Earlier,Minister Bir Bahadur inaugurated various development projects at a cost of Tk 4 crore 25 lakh in Rowanchhari upazila. On the same day,Minister Bir Bahadur laid the foundation stone for the academic building of Bandarban Hill District Council School and College in Ramjadi area of Bandarban Sadar Upazila at a cost of about Tk 3 crore.Later he laid the foundation stone for the construction of a hostel building for the students of Bandarban Hill District School and College at a cost of Tk 2 crore implemented by the Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board. At This Event Chairman of Hill District Council Kyaw shwe Hla,Representative of District Administrator Senior Assistant Commissioner Mizanur Rahman,Additional Superintendent of Police Md.Shah Alam, District Awami League General Secretary Lakshi Pad Das,Executive Engineer of District Council Md.Ziaur Rahman,Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board Abu Bin Yasir Arafat,Executive Engineer of Bandarban Unit were present.

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