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Nomensland lemons now on the market, local growers disappointed

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Update : Wednesday, May 24, 2023

M.Muslim Chowdhury, Srimangal/Moulvibazar/Representative/

In Srimangal of Moulvibazar, lemon farmers are suffering from depression as the price of lemon has fallen to the lowest level this season. Lemon farmers are not getting the desired price despite the increase in other expenses including fertilizers. There is a possibility of losing interest in lemon cultivation.

In the Dhaka market, a single lemon is sold at 30/40 taka, but the farmers are getting a price of 70 paisa to 1 taka from the wholesaler in Srimangal. On knowing the reason for the low price of lemon at this time, it is known that lemon is being cultivated at a large rate in Nomansland on the Indian border in Srimangal. The introduction of Nomansland lemons into the market has reduced the demand for lemons produced by local lemon growers. Nomansland lemons are slightly larger in size than local lemons. That’s why demand for Nomansland lemons is higher than local lemons.

Lemon trader Abu Taher said that from the lemon market of Srimangal in Moulvibazar, about six to seven lakh lemons were going to different parts of the country including the capital every day. All of a sudden that bullish market has collapsed. Currently it has come down to around 50 thousand to 1 lakh. The price of each piece of lemon used to be between two rupees and five rupees. But in the current season, the price of lemon has come down from 50 paisa to 1.5 taka per piece. As a result, lemon farmers have suffered losses.

According to the sources of Agriculture Extension Department, the soil and climate of Moulvibazar district is very suitable for lemon cultivation. Lemon is being cultivated on 1719 hectares of land in this district. The hills and hills of seven upazilas including Srimangal and Kamalganj of the district are very suitable for lemon cultivation due to the soil and climate. Commercially large quantities of paper, china, rust, leaves and cut lemons are produced every season. However, most lemons are produced in hilly and plain areas of Srimangal. Lemon farmers said that the prices of lemons are good at the beginning of the fasting month, but the prices of lemons are decreasing from the last time. Now it is being sold at the price of lemon water.

Farooq Mia, a lemon farmer, said that one car (2,000 pieces) of lemons must be collected from the tree for a wage of 750 taka, and the car rental to take it to the market is 1,000 taka. The total cost of taking a cart of lemons to the market is 1 thousand 750 taka. But to no avail. Rahim Molla, a businessman who came from Sylhet to buy lemon, said that after last year, this sudden change has come in the lemon market. Basically lemon cultivation has increased in different parts of the country. Srimangal used to meet the demand of lemons in the whole country. Not like that anymore. The demand of the country is met from lemons from other areas. So the price in the local market has fallen.

Deputy Director (DD) of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension, Samchuddin Ahmed told CNBangladesh that farmers are no longer buying lemons for higher profits. The price of lemon is really high in Dhaka. A lot depends on the hands of Artaddars. Fluctuation in market price is a normal process, but they will take all measures to ensure that the farmers are not affected.

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