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We are running the country with Bangabandhu’s goal in mind: Prime Minister

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Update : Monday, February 27, 2023

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina commented that we are running the country with Bangabandhu’s goal in mind. He said the illegal power grabbers destroyed everything but he considered himself not a prime minister but a servant of the people.

He made this comment at the certificate distribution and closing ceremony of the 74th basic training course for BCS officers at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on Monday (February 27).

He also said that not even an inch of land in the country will remain uncultivated, it was said by the father of the nation for the first time. Not only that, he also worked himself. There were 23 maunds of potatoes in Ganabhaban. If the father of the nation had a few more years, Bangladesh would have been a developed and prosperous country much earlier. But the illegal power grabbers came to power and destroyed everything. In countries where military dictators come to power, they make corruption a policy. Because they have no accountability to people.

The head of government said, we are elected by the people’s vote; So we are working for public welfare. We have adopted a policy of purity against corruption. Prosperity and good governance of the country is our goal.

The Prime Minister also said that today’s young officers will be the soldiers to build a developed Bangladesh of 41. Change must continue. That responsibility rests on the new officers.

Referring to the Covid epidemic and the Ukraine-Russia war situation, the Prime Minister said that due to these reasons, there is doubt as to how many countries can implement the SDGs. However, the way we are proceeding with the plan, we will be able to implement many of the goals of the SDGs.

The Prime Minister said, we have to be cost-effective and frugal in all areas, including the use of gas-electricity-water; Focus should be on increasing production. It is not known how long the war in Ukraine will last. But we are trying our best to deal with the situation.

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