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Awami League is talking incoherent words after seeing its decline: Fakhrul

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Update : Thursday, January 12, 2023


BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, criticizing the statement of Awami League leaders, said that when the fall is clear, when the fall is coming to hurt, when they see the fall, they keep talking such incoherent words.

He said these things at a press conference organized at the BNP Chairperson’s political office in Gulshan on Thursday (January 12) afternoon.

Mirza Fakhrul said, any fascism, dictatorship, dictatorship; Governments that exist, that are not elected, that have no relationship with the people are alienated. When people start protesting, such governments become aggressive, oppressive, start torturing. But history proves that the movement cannot be suppressed by torture and oppression, victory is inevitable.

In response to the Prime Minister’s statement that ‘Awami League is not easy to push away’, he said that we do not respond to many of the Prime Minister’s words. Because people don’t understand what he says. What is said for what purpose? It does not need to be answered, so it will be proof.

Regarding the government, Fakhrul said, a few days ago, they used to say that we (BNP) cannot stand on the streets. We don’t have a waist. Now you have become so restless by employing all kinds of forces you are oppressing the people and oppressing them to stop this movement. It means that the government now has no ground under its feet. The government has proven to be scared, too scared to attack us now.

He said, they are working towards the goal of Bakshal which was formed earlier without opposition party. They are still 436 people who were detained from the BNP office during the BNP mass rally on December 7.

At that time, he accused the ruling Awami League of carrying out armed raids in Faridpur and Mymensingh with the help of the police.

In the press conference yesterday (Wednesday), the BNP Secretary General also highlighted the issue of arrests and cases of attacks on BNP’s mass stand program across the country.

BNP changed the program of January 16-

The BNP has changed its declared program with 10-point demands including abolition of parliament, release of Khaleda Zia and activists and demand to reduce electricity prices. The party will hold rallies and marches in metropolitan cities and upazilas across the country except district cities.

BNP Standing Committee Member Nazrul Islam Khan, Vice Chairman Abdul Awal Mintu, Advocate Ahmad Azam Khan, Advisor to the Chairperson Aman Ullah Aman, BNP Acting Office Secretary Syed Imran Saleh Prince, Organizing Secretary Shama Obaid, Party Co-Organizing Secretary Shariful were present in the press conference. Alam, BNP leader Anisur Rahman Khokon and others.

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