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What have you done to the court? Rumin Farhana asked

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Update : Saturday, January 7, 2023

Brahmanbaria Representative/

Former Member of Parliament Barrister Rumin Farhana said that Abdus Sattar’s participation in the Bhuiyan elections is very sad. The government has a pressure on him. The government wants to make our resignation controversial in any way. The government has done that successfully. He was forced into this election.

He made this comment in a special guest address at a meeting organized at the residence of engineer Khaled Hossain Mahbub Shyamal, secretary of economic affairs of BNP’s central committee in Brahmanbaria town on Saturday (January 7).

BNP leader Barrister Rumin Farhana said in his speech, “If BNP comes to power, we will form a judicial commission.” You know the incident that happened in Brahmanbaria court a few days ago is very shameful. Upazila general secretary of Awami League, he is the president of the bar. He went and verbally abused a judge, that cannot go on under any circumstances. I will say this at the same time, what have you done to the court! From the lower court to the higher court, whenever the BNP leaders and activists have been seen, they have been jailed. BNP activists did not bail them out whenever they saw them. You are moving at the behest of the government, now the people of the government think you are theirs…..I don’t want to say more.

He also said that if the BNP gets the responsibility of managing the state by the people’s vote in the future, what kind of state the BNP wants to see has been given in 27 points. Before this we have given 10 points, in those 10 points we have told our recent program. And at the beginning of the 27th point, I said that I will do a constitutional reform commission. Because the Awami League has come to power without a vote for the last 15 years and has turned the constitution into their party book. They have made some clauses of the constitution in such a way that it is said that those clauses cannot be changed in future. As a lawyer, I want to say in clear terms that it is absolutely illegal to include any such clause in the Constitution. Parliament has the authority to decide what laws will be passed by the parliament in the future, how they will keep the constitution. Today’s Parliament cannot tie the hands of that Parliament in any way. In no case can they decide how a future Parliament will amend the Constitution.

He also said, many people ask me how many times we will keep the caretaker government, can we not hold elections under the party government? My answer is very clear, as long as there are no fair elections under a party government in Bangladesh, there will be a caretaker government system in Bangladesh. People should be given the opportunity to cast their vote, people should be given the power to choose the candidate of their choice. If the power to choose the preferred candidate in a country is taken away, then the people in that country are the source of all power! People have lost their ownership.

Rumin Farhana said, if BNP comes to power, no one can become president or prime minister twice in a row. Only BNP can make such a breakthrough announcement. Awami League will remain in power only as long as Hasina is alive.

BNP Joint Secretary General Habibun Nabi Khan Sohail was present as the chief guest. Also present were co-organizing secretary Saidul Haque Syed, central BNP member Sheikh Mohammad Shamim, Rafiq Shikder, Salauddin Shishir, district BNP convener Zillur Rahman and other leaders of the district.

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