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New 11 party political alliance debut

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Update : Wednesday, December 28, 2022


Another new political alliance has emerged amidst the ongoing political unrest. The name of this new alliance is ‘Nationalist like minded alliance’. There are 11 teams in this new alliance.

The alliance was announced at a press conference at the National Press Club in the capital on Wednesday (28 December). Chairman of the National People’s Party (NPP). Fariduzzaman Farhad announced the alliance. Top leaders of the party were present at this time.

The members of the 11-party alliance are Dr. National People’s Party (NPP) led by Fariduzzaman Farhad and Mostafizur Rahman, National Democratic Party (JAGPA) led by Khandkar Lutfar Rahman and SM Shahadat Hossain, Saifuddin Ahmed Moni and Md. Democratic League led by Akbar Hossain, People’s League led by Advocate Gharib Newaz and Syed Mahbub Hossain, Islami Oikyazot led by Advocate Maulana Abdur Rakib and Professor Maulana Abdul Karim, Bangladesh NAP led by MN Shaon Sadeki and Dilip Kumar Das, Professor Dr. Alternative Dhara Bangladesh led by Nurul Amin Bepari and Advocate Shah Ahmed Badal, Communist Party led by Nurul Islam, Gana Dal led by ATM Golam Mawla Chowdhury and Abu Syed, Nap Bhasani led by advocate Azharul Islam and Golam Mostafa Akand and Bangladesh Minority Party led by Sukriti Mandal.

With the announcement of the new alliance. Fariduzzaman Farhad while reading the declaration said, in the meantime, in order to resolve the ongoing political crisis in the country with the aim of establishing the Bangladesh of mass aspiration, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP has expressed full confidence and support in the 10 points and 27 points of state structure repair and is declaring solidarity with the joint movement of the Nationalist Alliance.

He said, Bangladesh is at the juncture of an era of great crisis with one-party Awami authoritarian rule without voters, and the desire for corruption. The people of the country are disorientated by the increase in commodity prices, terrible unemployment, unemployment. In the background of Bangladesh’s independence, the dream of establishing a state based on equality, human dignity and social justice, even after 51 years of independence, freedom, democratic voting rights, right to rice, right to work, rule of law and independence of the judiciary are under the hands of administrative crooks.

Dr. Farhad said, the current one-party Awami government wants to turn the country into a police state to continue its authoritarian rule. It has created a horrific culture through the looting of state resources, corruption, disappearances, murder, rape and other crimes against humanity, prosecution of opposing political forces, and mass arrests. Awami has turned the financial sector, banks, insurance sector, corporations, domestic resources into the kingdom of looters through mega corruption in the name of mega projects by promoting development. All the service sectors of the state, gas, electricity, road and rail communication, trade and commerce, haat bazaar today are hostages in the hands of government party looters. With the direct support of the government, to destroy the potential youth of the country from the grassroots level to the highest level, the main power of the state has pushed the youth into a state of uncertainty in front of the family and society by making them addicted to various types of destructive drugs including yaba, heroin, alcohol, gazza.

He also said that in the continuation of looting of the country’s resources, with the direct support of the government, under the supervision of the party leaders, by smuggling the looted money through gambling, casino, bribery and corruption and creating Begum Para in the diaspora, our beloved motherland has turned into a dysfunctional state. The independence and sovereignty of the country has come under threat due to the knee-jerk foreign policy of the country. Therefore, today BNP, which is leading the mass movement to establish an accountable government through a democratic state system, is taking the oath of saving the country, saving the people, to protect the country from the hands of Sheikh Hasina’s Awami robber government, which is currently corrupt, robbing the basic rights of the common people and taking away the democratic voting rights of the people. With the aim of building a country with people from all walks of life today, they are on the royal path. Today there is a nationwide awakening, Hasina, save the country, Bangladesh of the suffering people.

Fariduzzaman Farhad urged the people of all walks of life to jump on the streets in the movement to establish the much-desired Bangladesh of the people through a simultaneous program with all alliances and party organizations, including the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP, in the ongoing movement of people’s democratic suffrage, protection of freedom and establishment of democracy.

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