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‘Government is using police to file missing-explosive cases’

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Update : Thursday, December 1, 2022

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The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has accused the government of using the police to re-incidental sabotage and explosive cases against the leaders and workers of the opposition party in order to suppress the ongoing mass movement.

Such allegations were made in the meeting of BNP’s highest policy-making forum National Standing Committee on Wednesday. This information was informed in a circular signed by BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Thursday (December 1).

It is said in the circular that numerous leaders and activists are being searched and harassed every day. About 600 people have already been arrested, cases have been filed against about 22,000 leaders and activists. On the one hand, the police are arresting and arresting indiscriminately even though they will not be stopped anywhere. The meeting strongly condemned and protested against such a wretched policy of suppression.

In the meeting, it was demanded to immediately stop the false and absent cases and withdraw the cases. Arrested leaders and activists are called for release. Otherwise this illegitimate government will have to bear all the responsibility of the situation arising.

In the meeting, there was a discussion about the far-reaching activities of this illegal government regarding the election of the venue of the Dhaka divisional mass meeting announced earlier on 10 December 2022. In the meeting, the decision to hold the mass meeting on December 10 at Naya Paltan, as announced earlier, was reiterated. People are urged to overcome all difficulties and obstacles to make the mass gathering in Rajshahi and Dhaka a success.

“Concerns are expressed as most of the country’s state-owned banks, which have suffered from rampant corruption over the past century, have become progressively weaker. Recently, some private banks, including Islami Bank, have been criticized and worried about the fact that thousands of crores of rupees of loans were leaked to some kaguje companies through extreme irregularities and corruption.

The meeting felt that this illegitimate government has systematically destroyed financial institutions through unprecedented corruption since coming to power. The economy has been severely disrupted.

In the meeting, it was decided to prepare a report containing detailed information on the overall financial sector and present it to the public through a press conference.

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