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Traditional bamboo industry is disappearing

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Update : Sunday, November 6, 2022

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With the evolution of time, the traditional bamboo industry is gradually disappearing in the mechanized age. Currently, products made of bamboo are no longer appreciated. As a result, this industry of Baguria village of Phulchari has lost its tradition. It is known that Palashbari used to make all the daily necessities in several places including Jhapar, New Bazaar, Kalugari. People in rural towns used bamboo tools in various fields including household, farming and business.

In addition to this, these various types of bamboo furniture were seen almost everywhere in the houses, now these familiar images have changed with the evolution of time. Sometimes in rural festivals and fairs, bamboo artists make topa, hocha, darki, kula, chatai, khalai, dhama, tona, palla, mora, ladder, jharni, chalan, etc. The demand for these cottage industries is now at a low as the prices have increased. Apart from this, these cottage industries are becoming scarce due to the shortage of raw materials due to the non-cultivation of various varieties of bamboo due to the increase in population.
Zainal Mia, a bamboo artist from Farkandapur village of Palashbari upazila, said, ‘Once upon a time, bamboo was cultivated in vast areas of the country, and our ancestors used this bamboo for daily household work and hobby furniture. And they used to make a living by selling these furniture. So we are also involved in this profession to maintain the tradition of our ancestors.
A bamboo craftsman named Rajat Mia said, ‘I have been doing this work since my grandfather’s time, even if I don’t appreciate it, I work bit by bit, I can’t give it up at once! But currently there is no more bamboo work. Making some bamboo products. And to sell them in the market, buyers have to face a crisis. Sometimes household items sell for a bit more. Although the raw material is bought at a high price, the manufactured goods have to be sold at a low price. On the one hand, we are also in a lot of trouble due to the decrease in the demand for these bamboo products.

In this regard, Palashbari upazila executive officer. Kamruzzaman Nayan said, “This industry was very active in Farkandapur, Kettarpara, Jhalingi, Merirhathat of Mahdipur Union No. 5 of Phulchari Upazila. But it is now on the way to extinction, to keep this industry alive, the upazila administration will organize a fair of bamboo industry products and encourage the artisans to enthuse the new generation about this industry. Apart from this, we will try to provide financial support to the bamboo industry artisans by providing small loans through various NGOs including BRDB, Youth Development

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