October 7, 2022, 6:10 pm
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Minus two didn’t happen, minus one happened: Fakhrul

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Update : Saturday, September 3, 2022


BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir commented that BNP is flying like a phoenix.

He made this comment at a discussion meeting jointly organized by Bangladesh Student Forum and Uttaranchal Student Forum on the occasion of Tariq Rahman’s 16th release day at Dhaka Reporters Unity office on Saturday (September 3).

Mirza Fakhrul said, BNP should suppress Tariq Rahman. Because, he has extraordinary organizational skills. He has almost completed the task of bringing the organization into a structure within a short period of time. All these are tomorrow for BNP!

BNP Standing Committee member Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku, Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi and others spoke at the discussion meeting under the chairmanship of the organization’s advisor Mir Mohammad Helal Uddin and co-publicity secretary Amirul Islam Alim.

BNP Secretary General said, BNP is flying like a phoenix bird again. You should remember one thing during one-eleven times, one thing called Minus Two was very publicized. Minus two did not happen, minus one happened.

Mirza Fakhrul said that the arrest of Tariq Rahman at that time was not an isolated incident. As a whole, the dream of liberation of 18 crore people of this country was imprisoned politically, economically, socially. That is part of his plan. As a part of the conspiracy, the martyred President Ziaur Rahman was killed, as part of the conspiracy, the dictatorship tortured the people of this country for nine years, as part of the conspiracy, Tariq Rahman Sahib was arrested, National leader Begum Khaleda Zia was arrested. Arrests have been made and many leaders have been arrested, including Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku, who is sitting here.

He also said that the aim was to wipe out those who talk about the independence-sovereignty of this country, those who want to stand on their own feet and those who want to make Bangladesh stand that way. Those popular leaders who could organize the people, whose words united the people, were targeted for elimination.

In 2007, after the 1-11 political change, Tariq Rahman was arrested by joint forces on March 7 of that year and after being released on bail by the Supreme Court on September 3, Tariq Rahman went to London with his family for treatment. BNP has been celebrating this day every year.

Appreciating Tariq Rahman’s organizational skills, BNP Secretary General said that he had started the work of taking BNP to the field level through the grassroots organization conferences that he had been holding since 2006. He started to dream the new generation of BNP. He has excellent organizational skills. What we have seen in these few years is that since the country leader Khaleda Zia was taken to jail, she has almost completed the task of bringing the entire organization into a structure. Organ organizations are organizing, BNP is organizing. Yesterday happened here. As BNP is rising again, BNP is rising again like a phoenix – so it has to be suppressed again, it has to be thrown away again – that is their (government’s) aim.

He said, we will not be defeated in any way this time. Because we said it yesterday, we are saying it again, our acting chairman Tariq Rahman also said that we have to win this time, there is no alternative. The sacrifices of Noor Alam, Abdur Rahim, Shaon Pradhan will not be allowed to go in vain. At this time, Fakhrul called on the leaders and workers of the party to prepare for the movement on the streets.

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