April 22, 2021, 1:40 pm

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Yellow laughter in the green crop field in Kishoreganj

Md. Latiful Azam, Kishoreganj (Nilphamari): In Nilphamari Kishoreganj,the attack of turmeric in the field of green crops is like a beautiful sight. Many people are taking selfies in the stumbling crowd of nature-loving people of different classes and professions in the mingling of bees and butterflies in the eye-catching view of sunflower crop. In the union of the red sun with the yellow sun, the colorful smile of the yellow flower has appeared in the eyes of the farmer in the hands of beauty and success.

It is learned that for the first time, high yielding RDS varieties of sunflower are being cultivated by providing free fertilizers and seeds to 450 farmers under the Agricultural Rehabilitation and Incentive Program with the overall support of the Upazila Agriculture Extension Department. The crop has already received a huge response from local farmers. The importance of soybean and mustard oil in meeting the huge demand for edible oil in the world market is immense. To this end, commercial cultivation of sunflower has started in Bangladesh with the landmark step of the Prime Minister of the agri-friendly government.

It was seen on the spot on Saturday that sunflower cultivation has become popular day by day in 9 unions of the upazila. Farmers are dreaming of making more profit at a lower cost in less time. Local farmers said that if the international market is created by increasing government patronage, people will become interested in sunflower cultivation.

Rabiul Islam Babu,vice chairman of the Upazila Parishad said, “I am cultivating sunflower because the cost is less than other crops and the profit is more.” This year I am cultivating sunflower in 1 acre (100 percent) land on the advice of Upazila Agriculture Deputy Assistant Abdul Latif. The income from seeds produced from one bigha of land will be 20/22 thousand rupees. The eye-catching beauty of sunflowers delights anyone. It has a lot of value as oil. Sunflower oil is said to be more nutritious than soybean oil. Sunflower trees can also be used as fuel. So more than one profit in sunflower cultivation.

Gausul Azam, a farmer from Hati village in Nitai UP’s Panial pond, said, “I have planted sunflower on 30 percent of the land this year.” The cost will be 7/8 thousand rupees. The agriculture office has provided free seeds and fertilizers there, which has cost him 3/4 thousand rupees. I hope to earn 18/20 thousand rupees on one bigha (30 percent) of land without any cost if it is not damaged by natural calamity.
Upazila Agriculture Officer Habibur Rahman said the target has been set to cultivate sunflower in 50 hectares of land this year under agricultural rehabilitation and incentives.

To meet the huge shortage of edible oil in Bangladesh, it has to be imported from abroad. That is why a lot of foreign currency of our country goes abroad. The government has started cultivating it through exhibition plots to solve it.

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