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Workshop on implementation of existing laws to stop violence against women and child marriage in Faridpur

Rabiul Hasan Rajib, Faridpur: A workshop was held in Faridpur with the participation of government officials, public representatives and journalists, Implemented by the Creating Spaces Project Canada and organized by PSTC, to fully implement the law against violence of women and child marriage.
The workshop was held on Tuesday, October 26 at 10 am in the auditorium of BRAC Learning Center.
Founder Commander (Retd) Abdur Rauf of Population Services and Training Center (PSTC). The company started working in Bangladesh in 1978 under the name FPSTC. Later, in 1995, the company started its activities a new in the country as a non-governmental organization at the national level with the name PSTC. The journey of the organization started with the vision of improving the living standards of the disadvantaged people of Bangladesh.
The main goal of the Creating Spaces project is to reduce violence, child marriage and forced marriage against women and girls from Bangladeshi society. The speakers discussed issues related to violence against women and children, prevention of child marriage and forced marriage and ensuring proper implementation of women and child friendly laws.
The workshop was held in the attendance of Bhanga Upazila Women’s Affairs Officer Ila Rani Kundu, Youth Development Officer Md. Selim Mia, Upazila Secondary Education Officer Syed Ahmed Jamshed, Bhanga Upazila ‘Information Apa’ Aparna Mondol, UP Panel Chairman, Teachers, UP Secretary, UP members, Village police and others.The speakers stressed on the need to form a child marriage prevention committee in each village comprising parents, dignitaries, teachers, imams of mosques and people’s representatives and also advised to make everyone aware of the dangers of child marriage.
He also emphasized the importance of public awareness in ensuring proper use of laws at the local level. At the same time, the workshop has been organized with the aim of implementing the law in accordance with the policy of banning domestic violence against women and children, rape, sexual violence and child marriage.
Project Officers Jebunnahar Shila and Kartik Chandra Saha were present on behalf of PSTC at the workshop.

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