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Woman ‘rape’, was arrested Boalkhali including 3 

Sayed Md. Nazrul islam, Boalkhali(Chattogram): Boalkhali municipal areas withholding at least 3 people have been arrested for allegedly raping a woman. 

The incident took place on Saturday (July 31) in the 8th ward area of Boalkhali municipality. Later, the housewife filed a case against 3 people at Boalkhali police station and the police arrested them.
The arrested are Kamal Hossain (Prakash Dhama Kamal), 42, son of Badi Alam of Mirpara, Ward 6, Boalkhali Municipality, Gias Uddin, 28, son of Nurul Islam and Rokeya Begum, 30, wife of Abul Bashar of Sarowatli Union. 

The plaintiff in the case said that his 6-month-old daughter was brought to Boalkhali Upazila Health Complex on Saturday afternoon as she was ill. At that time he came to buy medicine from the pharmacy and asked his acquaintance Rokeya Begum to borrow two thousand rupees over the phone. Rokeya Begum took him to a rented house through a person named Rafiq. At that time Rokeya Begum and Kamal Hossain and Gias Uddin of the area took her to a nearby room and snatched the housewife’s mobile phone.

At one stage, Rokeya Begum came out of the room and locked the door from outside. Later, the two took turns raping the housewife. 

Boalkhali Police Station OC Abdul Karim told reporters that the house where the rape was allegedly committed was the rented house of the former acquaintance Rokeya. He said the woman had been sent to the One Stop Crisis Center (OCC) of Chittagong Medical College Hospital. 

OC said. Abdul Karim said the accused were arrested in a raid as soon as the complaint was received. They were sent to court on Sunday.

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