August 5, 2021, 11:53 pm

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Winter morning on a studentless campus

Sinthiya Sumi: Dew-drenched grass in the morning. The line of fog is very close to sight. The mist is gradually fading in the light of the sun. Sudden gusts of wind in the north. Nature is thus signaling the arrival of winter.

In the middle of the dew-drenched nature, on the tip of the foggy grass, the golden light of the sun is seen this winter morning. Scenes of yellow mustard flowers touching the heart of the vast field. Leafless trees seem to cut a mark in the minds of every nature lover. Winter came in 55 acres on 55 acres of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology.

Spend time under a blanket on a foggy winter morning. Going to the campus in a hurry, sipping hot tea in the campus cafe and tea. Gifts of Bakul and Shiuli Mala in the hands of the lover on holidays. And as soon as the evening falls, the winter cake ceremony. On the shores of Campus Lake, there is a hint of winter, morning-evening singing in the middle of the fog. Buying and eating date juice in groups in the villages around the campus in groups is a traditional winter morning habit at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and University.

But the residential halls and academic activities of the university have been closed since March 16 due to the Corona epidemic. This winter has come in a different way on the campus with no students. I entered the campus before seeing Suryimama to get the softness of winter morning that day. The touch of winter as soon as Zia turns! Looking a little further, I saw that the cricket ground was completely wrapped in a blanket of fog. I was startled when I set foot on the grass wet with dew.

At that time, the distant buildings looked blurry. Men and women in winter clothes are walking in groups, some of them are laughing and joking again. I walked alone on the dew-drenched grass. In the meantime, I saw Suryamama in the eastern sky. Gentle light is falling on the dew-drenched grass through the gaps in the trees. Then the dew was tied to the grass like pearls.

Various kinds of flowers are blooming in the campus. The cool sweet scent of this flower is wafting around the campus. This flower tree can be seen in front of the administrative building, in front of the main gate and in a few more places in Joy Bangla Chattar. Besides, the 55 acres of campus are fragrant with the fragrance of flowers blooming in the Vice-Chancellor’s bungalows and residential halls.

Although the dormitory hall is closed, many students are staying in the mess and dormitories around the campus. Where some students regularly walk the campus morning and evening. They said it feels pretty good to walk on campus on a winter morning.

This time I feel lost in nature. But this winter morning on a campus with no students seems different. There is only silence around the campus classrooms, halls, playgrounds. The old image of winter seems to have been lost.

Winter comes in 55 acres with the sweetness of foggy form. Nature seems to have poured all the beauty and sweetness of winter morning here. All the students are now desperate to find the traditional look of winter mornings on campus after the Corona disaster.

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