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Why should we emphasize English in this competitive world ?

Md. Al Amin : We should emphasize English because it is not only an international or global language but also a special way of achieving higher education and getting respectable jobs in this competitive  world. English is also a popular medium of  communication all over the world. It is recognized as an official language of  many countries of the world . Besides,  there are the six official languages of the UN. English is one of them. We are living in  not only an age of science but also a competitive world. We should also learn English  to understand the languages of a  computer, internet and science completely .We should learn English properly so that we can reach our desired goals. If we want to improve our Writing  skill in English,  we have to learn the English grammar including sufficient vocabularies . Students  and job  seekers should emphasize Writing skill specially to pass written tests  though there are the four skills in English – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening . Writing skill is basically based on  the English grammar including vocabularies. It also helps us greatly to understand the remaining skills. Although  grammatical rules are not followed strictly in the spoken language, we cann’t write an English sentence properly without the English grammar. For example : Ant is industrious. This sentence is grammatically wrong because “Article” is not used  in this sentence. The correct sentence is : The ant is industrious. It’s very clear that we cann’t avoid grammatical rules in the field of writing something in English. If we avoid grammatical rules in writing English  consciously or unconsciously,  our writing will be incorrect.  The grammar is a special  way of  learning, realising  and writing a language properly. Similarly, English is also a language. There are also some rules of learning English like other languages. In  order to improve Writing skill, we should emphasize some items of English grammar   books – Letter, Word, Parts of Speech, Article, Case, Sentence, Tense, Capitalization, Punctuation and so on. It may take the two or three months to learn these grammatical items nicely . By learning these grammatical items properly and completely , we  can easily write thousands  of sentences in the written tests of English . For examples : 1. We love our country. In this sentence, we have found the four words – a pronoun, a verb, an adjective and a noun respectively. 2. The Sun gives us light. In this sentence, we have found the five words – an article, a noun, a verb, a pronoun and a noun respectively. 3. Honesty is a great virtue.  In this sentence,  we  have also found the five words – a noun, a verb, an article, an adjective and a noun respectively. In this way, we can make more sentences.  It’s very evident that we are really capable of making and speaking many  sentences  correctly by using the depicted grammatical items. Many important  books in the world are written in English. By learning English  properly, we can easily know the history of other countries and nations. Nowadays, we cann’t think of getting good or respectable  jobs without the knowledge of English.  Knowing English is really a sign of  joy and honour because we also respect the people who speak in English correctly and fluently . We get pleasure when  we understand English programmes on the TV .  There is no doubt that  English is one of the most influential languages of the world . Besides, if we want to know something about  the latest technology , we have to learn English correctly. Those, who are skilled in English, can easily get  all the facilities of modern technology. It’s true that many students and job seekers of our country are really afraid of English. For this reason, they are lagging behind day by day. It’s a matter of sorrow that many  guardians of our country run after GPA-5.  They don’t emphasize the basic knowledge of the fixed subjects of  their children. For this reason,  their children cann’t  write English  sentences properly. Besides,  these children  are also unable to speak in English correctly. It’s also true that students  often fail to reach their desired  educational institutions like public universities because of the shortage of their English knowledge . We should emphasize English from the primary level for the bright futures of our children. English as a foreign language may be complicated to the students and job seekers of our country. In this regard,  the easiest methods of learning English properly should be applied in our country to bring easiness among students without delay. Weak students should be emphasized specially  in educational institutions so that they can keep pace with the advanced. We should never discourage weak students. Any kind of discouragement  weakens students mentally. There is a proverb in English : To err is human. We can correct the faults of our students in the two ways – giving love or  punishment.We should rectify our students with love because any kind of insult discourages them to learn something new or go ahead . We firmly believe that  an ideal teacher never discourages  his students. It’s not impossible to be skilled in English though English is a foreign language. We can also  take the helps of Google and YouTube to learn English easily and correctly. We should  never forget the proverb : Failure is the pillar of success. The students of today will lead  the country in future. They should be made perfectly so that they can present us a happy and peaceful country. Besides, we should always observe our children so that they cann’t follow the destructive way. It is true that many students have already destroyed their bright futures by following the wrong path in our country. We should not only educate our children but also make them good and  conscious citizens to avoid unexpected occurrences across the country . So, it’s evident that English is a special way of achieving higher  education, getting respectable jobs and knowing the present world. Let’s try heart and soul to remove the fear of English.

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