October 19, 2021, 11:09 am

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Why attack religious institu- tions or ignorant children?

Arun Sarkar: Photo-collected.It is not the wish of any civilized nation to attack any religious institution or ignorant children. Just as every religious institution is innocent, so is every child innocent. No civilized nation can ever take revenge or do politics with it. Whether he belongs to a different religion or he is a Muslim. Its infernality is exposed in the Israeli issue. Where humanity is getting lost. The sky is getting heavy with the cries of those women and children. Already their cries have gone viral through various social media.
It has also been observed that the Israeli hyenas are also attacking the poor women. It is highly reprehensible. Today, their activities have taken the whole world by surprise. In this age of information technology, no one expected to see the behavior of ‘flying and sitting across’ hyenas. High-rise mountainous international countries are sitting and sucking their fingers. But they are leading the world again. Alas, the unfortunate international group. At least 188 Palestinians have been killed in the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the past week. At least 55 of them are children. What could be more shameful. On top of that, they are again killing people indiscriminately with weapons and ammunition. If it is not remedied in time, then justice will be violated in the near future.
Meanwhile, it is seen that the Israeli assassins have demolished the offices of the media workers to cover up their misdeeds. They have shown even more humiliation by tearing down the powerful media column. Al-Jazeera has wiped out offices like the AP. As a result, they have lost their rightful place. In this way, Israel itself became smaller.
We know that food, clothing, housing, education, economy and morality are as important in a state as human security is above all else. Killing sleeping people is not desirable at all. No one is willing to accept the attack on mosques and temples. Similarly, no one can accept the killing of helpless children and women. We are all children of one or another parent. That is why no religion supports killing innocent people. The people are in the interest of the state and the state is in the interest of reputation. This is the pastime of nature. That is why people are not killed but kept in the net of affection. A well-planned reputation of a country can be brought only by honest and sincere activities. Those who go will leave but their achievements will remain. As the Israeli assassins have started today. Maybe no one knows where it will end?
Arun Sarkar :
Writer and journalist.

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