December 2, 2021, 9:47 am

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Whoever sees a woman, her behavior is crooked: Prime Minister

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, there are some people, there are not? Whoever sees the woman, her movement is curved. Some people suffer from this condition. And there are some people who suffer from depression. I don’t run the country with what I wrote in the media and what I said on the talk show. I run the country from the heart.

The leader made the remarks in his closing remarks at the 14th session of the 11th National Assembly on Thursday (September 16).

He said that it has become a bad habit of people to be frustrated by words. And no matter how much I work, you will still say why it did not happen, why it did not happen? I will say this without saying it, it is only when we see what was before and what is now. Can’t see that.

“My father made this country independent,” she said. He has been imprisoned year after year for the poor people of this country. Dedicated his life. I learned what to do for those people from my father, from my mother. That’s what I use. We check whether people are getting its benefits. I don’t like to be disappointed or encouraged by what someone says, I don’t. That is the reality.

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