October 22, 2021, 3:56 pm

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Where is the balance of digital security law?

Arun Sarkar: In a democracy, digital security information technology laws are having an impact on journalists. One after another cases are being filed in different parts of the country violating human rights without giving them a chance to defend themselves. Sometimes at the tribunal and sometimes at the table of the police and RAB.

These cases are being filed without any proper investigation. There is no need to prove the evidence in person. There is considerable doubt as to whether the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is looking into the matter. There is no doubt that the Digital Information Technology Act is currently being handled in a sloppy manner. People of different professions are not exempt from this.

Just as an individual in an independent state has no authority to deprive anyone of his rights, so ‘no one has been given the power to deprive himself of freedom of expression.’ This law is now being enforced arbitrarily on the nose of the citizen. However, it has had the greatest impact on freedom of expression.

As soon as news is published against a person or organization, the owner of that influential person or organization sits in the case. The same is true of political figures. Or a defamation suit worth crores of rupees. What a strange fence of this law. On the one hand, filing a complaint, on the other hand, an FIR without verification, then arrest ..!

Now let’s come to the main discussion – the government also has to see how much acceptance the digital information technology law can bring in a democratic country. If we look at the cases that are being filed at present, it can be seen that most of the leaders and activists of the ruling party, businessmen, government employees or the owners of those institutions are filing the IT cases in most cases. In many cases the state apparatus is also being used.

For example, the state apparatus can be used to bring that information under the law of terrorism if any person, including the head of state and important person of a country, makes vulgar remarks about a person on social media like viral / viral pictures on Facebook. But in this case there is no balance of this law at all in our country.

Because it is common to see that when a person makes such remarks against the people of the ruling party, the law enforcement agencies immediately bring the culprit under the law. But if some remarks are made against someone from the opposition, then those forces sit at home with their hands and feet folded. So where is the balance of that law?

Following the print media, electronic media and online media in the morning, it is seen that somewhere or other a journalist is being made a champion and thrown in jail. Then began the tug of war with the court. If you want to get bail, you have to run to Dhaka. It is doubtful whether the judges of many districts have read the constitution book of this law properly even today.

Bail is a far cry. Then there is nothing to do but lie quietly under the divine shade on the tree floor. He knows what harassment is.
The game of information technology is in full swing. However, no one knows whether the adverse reaction will not happen today or tomorrow. The whole house is now discussing and criticizing whether this law has been passed to stop the pen in hand.

There is no guarantee that the Awami League government will have to pay the compensation. Because power is not permanent. Therefore, the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh needs to be more vigilant in this regard. Besides, the law enforcement agencies have to deal with restraint and patience.

If the case is recorded through proper investigation without recording the case in a hurry, then there will be no more objection.
Because some journalists have been detained with conspiratorial false cases which have no basis. It can be seen that a person has also been sent to jail as an accused for sending / receiving mail in the e-mail inbox.

Even the house of that journalist is being harassed with nine cases. Information on such dramatic cases can also be found in the Dhaka Tribunal Court. If the Hon’ble Prime Minister of the Government of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina does not immediately look into these matters, the Digital Information Technology Act will be threatened. It will also deprive the people of their due rights. Where is the basis of the law that is not balanced?

Writer and journalist Arun Sarkar

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