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Whatever the Awami League wants: BNP

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The term of the current Election Commission (EC) is coming to an end in February. Before that a new election commission will be formed.

The government party says a new election commission will be formed through a search committee. On the other hand, BNP is not thinking about the Election Commission at present. Their demand is a non-partisan neutral caretaker government. The BNP thinks that no matter how much the Election Commission is restructured under the present government, the election will not be fair.

Asked about the Election Commission, the party’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, “We will not talk about the Election Commission.” The Election Commission cannot function without a caretaker government, we have said.

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader said the election commission would be formed through a search committee. Drawing attention to this issue, Mirza Fakhrul said, (Awami League) let them do whatever they want.

When the Election Commission was formed five years ago, a delegation led by BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia met the President and proposed his name. Asked whether he would go to the President this time, the BNP secretary general said, “No, this time we will not talk about the Election Commission.”

In that case, the first demand of the caretaker government is not the Election Commission, but the caretaker government.

If you want to know about the most senior member of the BNP Standing Committee. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain said, “I personally have no statement about the Election Commission.” My statement is the statement that the secretary general will give as a party.

Advocate Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal, joint secretary general of the BNP central executive committee, said, “We are not in any election commission.” This government will go, then I will think about the election commission.

He said, if the Election Commission is given the top five people in the world, what is the benefit? If they make a good thing good by keeping an authoritarian government of evil nature in power, they will also ruin it. So those who are spoiled must move before them. Then discuss the Election Commission.

So what is your first demand? In response, Alal said, “Our demand is a neutral interim government.” Whether it is caretaker or neutral interim, we want to say goodbye to this government first.

The last election commission was formed in 2017 through a search committee. The five-member commission headed by Chief Election Commissioner AKM Nurul Huda is coming to an end on February 14 next year. Before that, the names of the new chief election commissioner and commissioners have to be finalized.

The BNP had written a letter to the President before the formation of the current Election Commission. Later they also sat in dialogue with the President. However, the BNP claimed that the meeting was not fruitful.

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, “We want a permanent solution to the issue of formation of the Election Commission.” But before that I want a neutral government. We have no say in the Election Commission before a neutral government.

Syed Emran Saleh Prince, the current organizing secretary at the BNP’s central office, said, “We have no say in the restructuring of the Election Commission, because the process of forming the Election Commission through the government’s search committee is an Awami Commission, not an acceptable Election Commission.”

“Our message is that the government has sent the election into exile for their own political motives,” he said. Changing the government through free suffrage of the people has now become a difficult matter in Bangladesh. The formation of Election Commission under this government will not be acceptable. We will talk to all parties and call on the President to take a decision in this regard.

Syed Emran Saleh Prince further said that if this government is in power, then no matter how neutral the Election Commission is, fair elections will not be possible. That is why we have demanded the resignation of this government and elections under a non-partisan neutral government.

Earlier, regarding the BNP’s meeting with the President, he said, “Since the President is the number one person in the country, we met him out of respect.” But that meeting failed. Our application, proposal all failed. Because the president cannot make any decision outside the government.

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