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What can happen in the middle of so many police: Dr. Jafrullah

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Founder and Trustee of the Public Health Center. Jafrullah Chowdhury said, there is no benefit in arresting people. I don’t know what can happen in the midst of so many police. It’s disgusting, sad for us.

He made the remarks while visiting a puja mandapa on the banks of Nanua Dighi in Comilla around 12 noon on Friday (October 15).

Dr. Jafrullah Chowdhury said the recurrence of such incidents could be stopped through the resignation of the government. Give up the idol today according to the rules. It can’t be that others will give up before that. This is a great injustice. It is the failure of the government, our failure too.

The founder of the public health center said that mosques and temples do not have to be guarded by the police. Trying to crush people’s minds. I think this is why the government should resign. Only then must democracy be established in the true sense.

Jafrullah Chowdhury appealed to the scholars to call everyone in every mosque after Azan, Khutbar and prayers. None of us should do such a thing.

Jonaid Saki, chief coordinator of Gana Sanghati Andolan, Sheikh Rafiqul Islam Bablu, secretary general of Bhasani Anusari Parishad, Naeem Jahangir, freedom fighter, Jahangir Alam Mintu, press advisor of Gana Swasthya Kendra, Dr. Nuruzzaman, Imran Zulkarnain Emon, convener of Comilla Gana Sanghati Andolan were present.

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