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We have to get out of the sick competition to get GPA-5


Education Minister Dipu Moni said that everyone will be brought out of the trend of getting higher GPA, adding that a new type of curriculum is being developed for it.

The Education Minister said this while participating in the publication ceremony of the book ‘Pen’ of the Education Reporters Association, Bangladesh (IRAB), an organization of journalists on education, on Saturday afternoon.

State Minister for Primary and Mass Education Zakir Hossain addressed the function as a special guest.

The education minister said students cannot be assessed on their actual merit by GPA. That’s why we have to get out of this unhealthy competition to get GPA-5.

“What our students have learned is not a big deal,” he added. Everyone is excited about who got how much GPA. Our students are being brought out of this unequal competition. An environment will be created in the educational institution for the learning of the students. Through him, the kind of talent that is in him will be developed. Appropriate curriculum is being prepared for this.

Noting that children cannot be pressured to get higher GPA in exams, Dipu Moni said that an environment will be created for students to develop their talents. Everyone will be brought out of the tendency to get more GPA. New types of textbooks are being created for him.

Dipu Moni said, our students are learning. But he can’t tell himself. Because we have some shortcomings. They are being identified and resolved.

It is being ensured that no teacher will go to class without training, he said, adding that earlier class teachers used to get the opportunity of basic training after three to four years of recruitment. That is currently being changed.

Mahbub Hossain, secretary of the secondary and higher education department of the education ministry, said, “I have taken several initiatives for structural change in education.” Corona has interrupted us. We had a teacher shortage at the secondary level. We have already tried to meet that.

Aminul Islam, secretary of the technical and madrasa department, said, “We are working to change the curriculum and syllabus and we have taken up activities to improve madrasa education.”

He said the PSC has recommended the recruitment of 1,200 teachers. They will be recruited very soon. Besides, recruitment circular will be issued for the recruitment of four and a half thousand teachers.

Rasheda K Chowdhury, an adviser to the former caretaker government, said education in Corona had been severely damaged. Damage pets need incentives. Because there is no alternative to investment to increase the capacity of education. We need to increase the capacity of the Internet.

He said teachers should be given priority in vaccination activities, adding that teachers in urban areas are getting more benefits.

Samakal’s acting editor Mustafiz Shafi, journalist Shafizuzzaman Pintu and Swadhinata Shikshak Samiti leader Shahjahan Saju spoke on the occasion under the chairmanship of IRAB President Sabbir Newaz and General Secretary Shariful Alam Sumon.

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