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VGD rice in Nilphamari for 6 months No press conference

Abu Hasan, Nilphamari: There are allegations of irregularities in the distribution of VGD cards for the fiscal year 2021-22 among the needy people of Domar upazila of Nilphamari. Although they were on the final MIS list, they did not get VGD rice for 6 months. Chairman of Gomnati Union Md. Abdul Hamid is picking up their rice and sharing it.

Morzina Begum, Sumna Akter, Najema Begum of Ward 5 of Gomnati Union and Marjana Begum and Bilkich Begum, Golapi Begum and Beauty Begum of Ward 7 of Gomnati Union held a press conference in the conference room of District Reporters’ Unity on Saturday night demanding appropriate punishment for the chairman.

At the press conference, they complained that the chairman demanded money for the card. When I went to the chairman, he said you didn’t have a card. The victims demanded a refund of their VGD card. He also demanded appropriate punishment for Chairman Md. Abdul Hamid.

At the press conference, Zahidul Islam, UP member of Ward 5, said, “Out of 362 VGD cards in the union, 53 cards were allotted in my ward but the chairman gave me only 14 cards.” Among them, 3 cards were left with him unknowingly. Later it was seen that even though all their papers were in order, the victims were being deprived of getting rice. I did not return their cards even after several recommendations to the chairman.

On the other hand, Md. Faruk Hossain Dulal, UP member of Ward 8, said, “I get only 6 cards in my ward. The rest of the cards were distributed by the chairman himself. Although there was a final name in the MIS list, but the chairman did not give cards to 4 helpless and distressed women in my ward. They have been deprived of VGD rice for the last 6 months. Therefore, we strongly condemn this unethical activity of the chairman through a press conference. We also demanded the return of the cards of the helpless and needy.

Gomnati Union Chairman Md. Abdul Hamid was repeatedly called to know the matter but he could not be reached.

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