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US to protect Taiwan if China attacks: Biden

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US President Joe Biden has said the United States will protect Taiwan if China launches an attack. He made the remarks at a CNN program on Taiwan’s defense on Thursday.

“The United States has a commitment to protect Taiwan,” he said. News from the BBC.

The United States has a law under which the country is committed to assisting in Taiwan’s defense. But the United States has long pursued a “strategically vague” policy on Taiwan.

A White House spokesman said: “The United States is pursuing a defense policy with Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act. We will keep our promises under this Act. We will continue to support Taiwan’s defense.

China considers Taiwan an isolated province. China has vowed to occupy Taiwan, even if it uses force if necessary. But Taiwan has been claiming itself as an independent and sovereign state.

Tensions between the two countries have intensified since the recent infiltration of China’s record 150 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense zone. Amid the tensions, there have been reports of China’s hypersonic missile test a few days ago. This was discussed in the CNN Town Hall program.

After Biden’s remarks on Taiwan’s defense, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said there was no room for compromise. On Friday, China’s foreign ministry called on the United States to stop sending false signals to Taiwan’s independence supporters.

At a regular news briefing in Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said there was no room for concessions in China’s core interests.

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