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Upazila Chairman Babu fulfilled the dream of the disabled Sajia

Satkhira Correspondent: Some people are overwhelmed by nature.And some people take it all away in extreme cruelty. Sajia Khatun, a physically challenged and meritorious student of Dakshin Alipore in Satkhira Sadar Upazila, a victim of the cruelty of nature, overcame all adversities and achieved good results at the secondary level.

Instead of rejoicing, Sajia keeps counting the days with worries, fear of not being admitted financially and breaking the dream of becoming a BCS cadre.

Satkhira Sadar Upazila Chairman Alhaj Asaduzzaman Babu In the eyes , he said that he would be a charioteer to fulfill Sajia’s dream.Alhaj Asaduzzaman Babu said that this time he will arrange a new smartphone for studying online, a modern car for travel and his well-treatment.

He said this when he went to Sajia Khatun’s house on Monday afternoon to search her body.

In this regard, Sajia Khatun’s mother Sharifa Khatun said, Sajia Khatun has been physically handicapped since birth. Husband Abdus Sabur divorced after giving birth to a disabled child.Sharifa Khatun, Sajia’s mother, said that she did not get married thinking about the future of her disabled daughter.

However, he could not walk because he could not provide proper medical care to Sajia Khatun.That’s why I have come to take Sajia to school from the children’s class to the fifth class.Later Sajia Khatun was admitted in Alipore Union Secondary School.However, he (Sharifa Khatun) learned to ride a bicycle to take his daughter to school so far from home.

Sajia Khatun passed the SSC examination with GPA-5 despite struggling with scarcity. After overcoming all the obstacles, Sajia Khatun achieved good results but could not afford the college admission.

She informed the Sadar Upazila Chairman that at that time (October 7) she cooperated in all possible ways to purchase the necessary materials including Sajia’s education and on Tuesday (November 23) With the overall cooperation, he presented a new smart phone to the disabled Sajia.

He said that he would make necessary arrangements for the advanced medical services including modern vehicles in phases for Sajia’s travel.

in this regard,Sadar Upazila Parishad Chairman Asaduzzaman Babu said that the meritorious disabled student Sajia Khatun’s father is not there either.His upbringing in the midst of extreme poverty.The girl is very talented.

He said that he would try his best to bring Sajia Khatun back to normal life through advanced treatment, adding that she would co-operate with him till the end of her studies so that her studies would not be stopped due to lack of funds.

Sajia’s dream is to become a BCS cadre. However, the girl’s education was about to stop due to lack of money.However, he said that he would continue his education so that he could establish Sajia in the society like his own daughter.

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