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UP Chairman Himel at the press conference titled Success Development

Md.Jahirul Islam Liton , Nandail (Mymensingh): Md. Shafiqul Islam Bhuiyan Himel was elected as the independent candidate in 2016 by a huge margin of votes in the belief of building a modern enlightened union.

Since his election, he has worked for the sad hard working people of Gobindpur Union Parishad No. 3 of Hossainpur Upazila. He gave a press conference titled “Success and Development” on four and a half years of development activities. A press conference was held on Tuesday (December 22) at 11 am in the hall room of Gobindpur Union Parishad. Chairman Md. Shafiqul Islam Bhuiyan Himel read out a written statement at the press conference.

He said that since independence, there was no building of the union and after taking the initiative to construct a new building, he took 30 percent land from zamindar Babu Manabendra Nath Chowdhury and bore the cost of kawla himself. Sisikaran the road to Manab Babu’s house.

Taking place in the graveyard, construction of 40-50 roads and culverts, arrangement of seating arrangements for the beneficiaries in the Union Parishad. Establishment of public toilets in important markets, provision of safe water.

Chairman Shafiqul Islam Bhuiyan Himel said that he has worked hard for four and a half years to take all possible steps to build a modern enlightened union.

He added that Corona has set up a free vegetable market in front of the UP building two days a week with her own funds.
Free from drugs, terrorism, extortion and corruption, to ensure accountability and to transform it into an advanced model union, Himel Chairman is working through discussions with people from all walks of life in the union.

He got the news of poor and helpless people and stood by the people through financial cooperation. The people’s representative is involved in developmental activities in the interest of the common man Md. Shafiqul Islam has always been dedicated to the people of the area since he was elected chairman. He has worked with everyone in the development of the area.

He hopes to move forward with the prayers and cooperation of all, irrespective of party affiliation, in the forthcoming union elections. Md. Shafiqul Islam Bhuiyan Himel said that if Allah Almighty gives me another chance to serve the people of Gobindpur Union No. 3, then he will work with everyone to build a modern model union. The first task will be to adopt zero tolerance against drugs in the area, build a college and a field for sports.

He said that in order to implement the “My Village, My City” announced by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, there is a modern drug-free education system, monitor in the health sector, every drainage system, night watch in every area, every street in the UnionGreen City Digital Union will give gifts to the people through packing system and roadside tree plantingHe wants to run as an independent candidate for the post of chairman in the upcoming UP elections, promising to build a modern model union through low-cost Wi-Fi in every village in the union.

He said that in the last four and a half years, he has had the opportunity to interact with the common people of the union while working in the field. So if he gets a chance, he will work especially for the indigent and helpless poor, widows, old and disabled people of the society. Together we will work together to build a hunger-free, poverty-free, drug-free modern model union.

Chairman Shafiqul Islam Himel has become a very close friend of the helpless and poor people by supporting the helpless people of the union for a long time. He has also contributed a lot to various social and political organizations.

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