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UNO’s exceptional initiative, Clay pots in trees for bird nests

Kamal Hossain: Due to natural calamities in Koyra upazila of Khulna, the number of trees is defly creasing from the locality.It goes without saying that there are no bushes in the area as the fruit trees die due to salinity.As a result, native birds have lost their safe haven.The chirping of birds is no longer heard as before.

That is why Koyra Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Animesh Biswas has come forward to protect the birds.In order for the birds to be safe, he and the members of the Koyra cycling group have set up clay pots from the trees in the forest on the banks of the river.

It has been found that due to repeated natural calamities, a lot of vegetation has been lost from the Koyra area.Birds are also getting lost along with the plants. The chirping of birds is also decreasing.As it is an area adjacent to the Sundarbans, there are saltwater tolerant trees on the banks of the river.

Many have developed afforestation socially in river side . Thinking of birds, UNO Animesh Biswas has taken an exceptional step in the forest to protect the birds at the initiative of his established cycling group.He has collected 3 hundred clay pots with his staff.The hole has been kept so that the birds can travel on both sides of this fare.Later they were hung on the trees of these forests.

UNO Animesh Biswas said the clay pots have been set up for safe shelter of birds, protection of birds and their breeding. This will save the birds from storms, rain and sun.Small holes have been made in the rents.Even if rain water enters it, it will fall through the holes below.

A part from that, two big faces have been placed on each side of the pot.If the bird enters in one direction, it will be able to exit directly in the other direction.This will not be a problem for the birds to get in and out of the pot.

Locals people have praised UNO’s initiative.President of the Koyra Manab Kallan Unit Al Amin Farhad said, the people of the area had forgotten about their love for birds and nature.He is inspiring people by doing such things. Even before this, he has taken various exceptional and people-friendly initiatives and has created a huge response among the youth of the area.

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