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UNO Kabirul Islam Khan of Shibpur spread the light of humanity

Dalim Khan, Shibpur(Narsingdi): Shibpur Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) of Narsingdi Mohammad Kabirul Islam Khan is now a humanitarian officer to be emulated by people of different professions in the whole area. Since joining here, he has been working in the service of common people.He is fighting against all injustices in the interest of the people. He is risking his life in this epidemic of coronavirus, UNO Kabirul Islam Khan is always by the side of helpless and extremely poor people. He extended his hand of love to the people of the upazila.He has carried out one campaign after another to stop child marriage and dowry, evict illegal establishments, stop illegal sand extraction, recover government land, stop extortion and eradicate drugs.

And by carrying out these activities in the public interest, he has become very close to the people of the area.After UNO Kabirul Islam Khan joined the upazila, a mural of Bangabandhu has been erected on the upazila premises, which has enhanced the beauty of the upazila. To prevent distortion of history, the official has started various activities including painting competition, essay competition, documentary exhibition of liberation war with Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.UNO Kabirul Islam Khan has taken various steps to make people aware in the villages of the upazila to ensure social distance in dealing with the ongoing Corona disaster.

Again, corona-infected lockeddown families or areas have risked their lives to deliver food items from door to door on their own.In nine unions and one municipality of Shibpur Upazila, the Prime Minister’s humanitarian aid has been handed over to the destitute and helpless unemployed along with the local people’s representatives for proper distribution of food items.Besides, UNO Kabirul Islam Khan himself came with food aid when any helpless people of the upazila called 333.

He has been in the field every day to implement government directives to prevent the spread of corona. Burial of corpses, treatment of patients infected with corona as well as social security are also being monitored.UNO Kabirul Islam has been identified as a humanitarian UNO in the upazila for his positive actions including monitoring the market with immediate action against those who spread rumors of price hike in the early days of the corona virus.

UNO Kabirul Islam Khan has stood up against various injustices in the upazila besides tackling corona. Ignoring the obstacles of the influential people, he has stopped illegal sand extraction from Dulalpur union of Shibpur upazila.The door of the UNO office is always open to the public, UNO Kabirul Islam Khan said, “I will continue to work for the people to realize the dream of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.” I will continue to work tirelessly to make every initiative of the Prime Minister a success. I came to the job with the vow of human service. I am doing what I am doing for the people of this upazila out of my sense of responsibility and duty


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