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UNO Alif Reza working day and night for the development of Assasuni Upazila

Assasuni Correspondent: Upazila Executive Officer and Executive Magistrate Mir Alif Reza has been relentlessly performing government duties day and night to maintain law and order from his workplace for the welfare of the people as promised by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

After he joined Asashuni on 31 October 2018, on the advice of Satkhira three-seat MP, Deputy Commissioner SM Mostafa Kamal directed the development of Marichchap Riverview Keora Park in collaboration with Upazila Chairman and Upazila Awami League President ABM Mostakim.Construction of new multipurpose auditorium by removing the old court building.

Development of boundary wall work and construction of Upazila Model Mosque.Quality development by inspecting the work of educational institutes, union parishads, union (land) offices, community clinics, my home my farm project. Inspected the work of TR, Kabikha, Kabita, ADP, LGSP, EGPP, Bridge Calvert and supervised importantly.

He has developed CCTV and digital attendance activities in the Upazila Parishad.Corona has run mobile market and online cattle markets to prevent it. The upazila administration has set up several messenger groups including Asashuni Upazila Journalist Form and Upazila NGO Form to coordinate various government activities.

To combat coronavirus, Max has been handing out hand sanitizers and relief, including handling leaflets and miking, instructing people to maintain social distance and use face masks to create public awareness, including running mobile courts to ensure social distance.

In order to control dengue, people have gone to their homes and sprayed disinfectants with cleanliness.Prevention of child marriage, prevention of food adulteration, non-smoking Upazila Parishad, ensuring compulsory use of jute wrappers. Conducting public examinations, khas land rescue activities, housewives who have land but do not have houses have been made homeless and disaster has made permanent houses.

The construction of the new building of the primary school has been supervised by the village court and the activities of running the village court have been stopped including illegal extraction of sand from the ground. After visiting the affected areas in Ampan, the UP chairman has coordinated with all concerned including Paubo for the construction of the embankment.

In order to alleviate waterlogging during the monsoon season, the government has removed waterlogging by removing illegal nets and embankments.

Besides, he has shown the revenue income of the government by imposing a fine of Tk 10,04,900 from the convicts for various misdeeds including brick kilns, child marriage, extraction of sand from underground and disobedience of government orders.

Lastly, as promised by the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina has been faithfully fulfilling his responsibilities by arranging for the construction of houses with land for the implementation of houses for 100% housewives on the occasion of the Mujib centenary.

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