October 19, 2021, 12:43 pm

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University students waiting to return to campus

Sinthiya Sumi: The whole world came to a standstill due to the outbreak of the invisible corona virus. For which all the educational institutions of the country are closed. When the university was supposed to continue its efforts to acquire knowledge, that moment is confined within four walls today. The students do not like the monotony of house arrest anymore. They want to return to their old school in a healthy world.

Even though the online classes are going on as the campus has been closed for a long time, there are no expected results. Students who are deprived of practical classes even if they have some theoretical knowledge. Mischievous students have become homely during the holidays. Growing frustration.

Although almost everything has been opened, all the educational institutions of the country are closed. Every student is counting down the hours to return to campus.
There is no guarantee that he will return to the dream campus.

Students of other universities have expressed their waiting to return to the campus.

Alamgir Hossain, a student of Rajshahi University, expressed his desire to return to the campus of love. Expectations and receipts are all in response today. Everything seems to have stopped. I haven’t seen Pran’s campus and friends for a long time. The dream of the middle class is yet to be fulfilled. Let the world recover quickly and we want to return to the dream Rabi campus.

Al Mamun, a student at Dhaka University, said, “If it weren’t for Corona’s terrible grip, TSC might have become a meeting place for thousands of dreamers today. Witness thousands of chats, starting every morning with rows and rows of bags in front of the library, but the reality today is waiting. The only unspoken prayer is – May Basumati be healthy, may Banga Janani be healthy.

Eager to return to class, Ashiq Ahmed, a student of BSMRSTU , said, “I haven’t seen that school for a long time and the people I love.” But today we have nothing to do but sit at home and remember the golden past.

Every now and then a fear awakens in my heart, whether I will meet my loved ones again, whether I will get everyone back to class on campus, whether I will get back to that colorful and festive day. How long can you stay under house arrest? Now I am waiting for the good day. I pray that the world recovers quickly. May everyone be healthy. ”

Arafat Hossain, a student at Begum Rokeya University, said: “Every student is enchanted by his or her own campus. Some memories remain. Together in the classroom with friends. To hang out in cafeterias. To go for walks, to play sports and to be naughty. All in all a different feeling. Every student works. I have the same condition. The hangout is not the same as before. Classes in Corona have narrowed my life. But I want to go back to my favorite campus.

Just waiting for the campus to open. The mind is restless today. I wish the environment to come back as before. The campus should be full of students. Every educational institution is back to life. Although everything is going on as before except the educational institutions.

Therefore, students should be given the opportunity to accelerate and develop their studies by making arrangements to open educational institutions quickly in compliance with optimistic health norms, ”he said.

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