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UH&FPO Dr. Sudeshna Sarkar taken forward the service quality of Assasuni Hospital

Assasuni (Satkhira), Correspondent : Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Sudeshna Sarkar has taken much better than before the service quality of Asashuni Upazila Health Complex .Since joining the Asashuni Health Complex on January 25 this year, She has been working tirelessly to ensure medical care for the people of Assasuni.

It is said that after joining, he first created a flower and orchard in front of the hospital to make it attractive.The hospital hall is celebrating all the national days with Mujibvarsh celebrations.

She took the vow of service to the people of Assasuni and during the time of Corona and Ampan in collaboration with the Member of Parliament of Satkhira-3 constituency,She went to the villages and provided medical services to the patients.She has also set up a health education corner at the hospital, installed TV to spread health messages and furnished the halls of the hospital.

Speaking to the Upazila Parishad Chairman and other dignitaries, CCTV cameras have been installed in the hospital area to monitor the duty bearers and remove the darkness install proper street lights. She has performed caesarean section, ultrasonogram, ECG, X-ray and other tests.

The Corona Team Strengthening and Promotion Team has been formed to deal with Corona and ensure they have adequate health protection materials. Corona himself went to the patients’ homes to inquire, provide adequate medicine and provide relief, and arranged flowers to greet Corona.

In order to speed up the community clinic activities at the village level, She has made arrangements to spread the health message through on-the-spot monitoring, health education corner of the hospital and yard meetings.It is going to strengthen market monitoring to ensure nutrition, safe food, tobacco related and anti-adulteration campaigns and environmental pollution.

She has personally visited the Ampane affected areas with formed a medical team and provided necessary medicines. Water tanks have been set up by various NGOs to provide potable water to the patients coming to the hospital.

Arranging separate wards for malnourished children, conducting door-to-door inquiries and strengthening the Nutrition Corner of the hospital. Quarantine and isolen units and sample collection booths have been set up.

She has been working tirelessly to ensure cleanliness of the hospital, state-of-the-art hand washing system at the entrance and various activities at the hospital and field level. Some of the patients who came to Assasuni Hospital for treatment said that the quality of service has increased compared to the past.

We now get services from our upazila hospital without any kind of harassment. Many patients who came during this time expressed their satisfaction with the services of the doctors, nurses and staff of the hospital.

Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr Sudeshna Sarkar said, “When I take the oath to become a doctor, I will continue to serve the people.” Ever since I joined, Assasuni has been by my side in urgent need and will continue to do so in the future.

Physicians need to be by people’s side. If we step back now, we will not be able to fulfill our oath. Since we are doctors, we will continue to work till the end of our lives.

He further said that in order to deal with Corona, people from different parts of the country including Dhaka, Narayanganj and Gazipur rushed to the villages to ensure quarantine.We have provided healthcare to all types of patients since the onset of coronary heart disease.

Did not return to any patient despite limited capacity.At this time, he sought the cooperation of journalists including Assasuni residents to make the hospital more beautiful.

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