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Two Names For An Existence Are Bangabandhu And Bangladesh: Divisional Commissioner

Chattogram Bureau: Bangabandhu and Bangladesh are the two names of an existence.To hurt the father of the nation means to hurt the very existence of Bangladesh,to hurt the constitution.The defeated forces of Bangladesh are trying to hinder development.I request them not to show their courage.

Divisional Commissioner ABM Azad made the remarks at a protest rally of departmental and district level government officials and employees at Shilpakala Academy on Saturday (December 12).

He said the blow to the sculpture was not a chance to be seen as a blow.This is a pattern of deep conspiracy.The defeated forces of Pakistan who have never accepted defeat are doing that from time to time.

The manifestation of that behavior is the blow to the sculpture of the Father of the Nation.If not protested, this force will have the opportunity to commit even greater misdeeds.

At that time,the divisional commissioner warned not to take government officials and employees to the streets.You will not exist if you take to the streets. We don’t want to protest for the second time on such an issue.Our job is to provide services.

That’s what we want to do.If you prevent them from doing that, questioning their existence, government employees will not sit still.If you want to live in this country, then respect the policy ideology of this country.You should refrain from any behavior that hurts the feelings of the country.

Chittagong Range DIG Anwar Hossain said,”Look at the past of all those who are trying to break the portrait – what was their role.”The Bengali nation has repeatedly defeated these despicable enemies and will continue to do so.

At the time when we are celebrating the birth centenary of Bangabandhu in the 49 years of independence,the defeated forces are once again daring to hit the portrait of Bangabandhu.Those who did not want Bangladesh,those who joined hands with the Pak aggressors in 1971,are still involved in conspiracies.

The DIG added that they are still doing the same kind of work they have done in the past.There has been no change in their role and mentality.The mentality that their ancestors had, now their children and grandchildren could not get out of that mentality.

Deputy Commissioner Government officials and employees working in different departments in Chittagong addressed the rally under the chairmanship of Ilias Hossain.

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