September 20, 2021, 2:48 am

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Two fugitives have fled after the bomb blast in Kanaighat, allegations!

Sylhet Bureau: Follow-up. Wounded Sultan, photo. A written complaint has been lodged with the Kanaighat police station accusing three people of being involved in the bomb-like explosion at Kanaighat. The complaint was lodged on Saturday evening by Mahmud Hasan, elder brother of the victim, son of Saudi expatriate Farid Uddin of Fatehganj village in Rajaganj union of Kanaighat upazila.

According to the complaint, on the morning of September 1, Safia Begum, wife of Amin Uddin of the same village, entered the house of Victim Shishu Sultan and left a hand-made bomb-like object inside the flashlight. At that time he was accompanied by Saju Ahmed, a student of Madrasa. The plaintiff further alleged that the victim child Sultan and his mother Sufia Begum came to the Sylhet court on September 1 to appear in a case.

At another stage, in another case filed by the victim, the wise court sent the defendant Russell Robbie to jail after hearing the fraud case. At the court premises, Russell also threatened to demolish the house of Ravi Badini Sufia Begum. But Badini did not listen to him that day. The bomb exploded when the child Sultan moved the flashlight while he was playing at around 8 pm after going home. Immediately the Sultan fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, it has been found that the rogue group has so far filed at least 7/8 conspiratorial false cases against the victim’s family on various issues related to land issues. However, it is a mystery but true that the court has already ruled in favor of the victim’s family in seven cases filed by the miscreants. Enraged by this, the miscreants found no way out and started plotting to wipe out his family. According to the plan, the miscreants left the bomb-like object inside the flashlight at the victim’s house on September 1 and fled. Even today they are fugitives from the day of the incident.

However, a local source said that the police were playing a silent role as some so-called ruling party workers in the area were sheltering them. They have a large syndicate of rogue terrorist groups in the local area. In this incident also, they were trying to destroy the evidence by managing the police station. On the contrary, various gangs are continuing to harass the victim’s family.

On Saturday, the victim’s elder brother Mahmud Hasan told reporters that the police were in Utebs. These miscreants are impoverishing them by filing lawsuits one after another. At the time, he said, their families had been suffering from extreme insecurity since the day of the incident. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police recruiting center. He further said that some unscrupulous policemen are carrying out various conspiracies to divert the incident. They are even trying to give wrong information to a senior police officer.

As of the writing of this report, Kanaighat police have not considered the complaint as an FIR or taken any initiative to arrest the accused. However, the concerned branch of the police station has admitted receiving the complaint.

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